How to Overcome Play Store [NO CONNECTION] No Connection When Opened on Android Phone

By | March 14, 2022
Play Store Android (No Connection) – How to solve an android phone playstore that can’t be opened (no connection)? Play Store is a place as a central provider of all the applications needed for android users. Where we can download and update an application on an Android phone via Google Play.

But have we ever imagined how it would feel if the application android phone play store is it broken? Which is due to the play store error that makes us unable to download and update the application or the android phone cannot open the playstore application.

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Of course this will make us panic because the Play Store application has become a very important application for Android users.

Therefore at our meeting this time we Smartphone Solution I will try to discuss how to solve the play store that appears with a notification that there is no internet connection, make sure the wifi or cellular data is active then try again on the android phone. For that, let’s just look at the full review on how to fix the play store no connection (no connection) below.

How to Fix Android Phone Play Store That Can’t Enter Because There’s No Connection

how to fix play store no connection

If we get a notification like “no internet connection make sure wifi or mobile data is active then try again“What makes the Play Store application unable to be opened on an Android phone, the first step we take is to ensure an internet connection on our Android phone.

To make sure the internet connection condition of the android cellphone is in good condition, try to browse on Google Chrome or chat on the whatsapp / facebook messenger application. If we can’t do this, it’s very likely that “No Connection” when opening the Playstore application is on the internet connection that we have.

However, if the android phone can be used smoothly for browsing or chatting, but when opening the play store application it always appears a notification to check the connection and try again, then see the review below so that we can open the google play store which cannot be opened on the android phone .

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5 Ways to Overcome No Internet Connection on the Google Play Store Android Phone

1. Reset Android Phone Time and Date

how to fix play store that can't be opened

We need to know that setting the time and date on an android phone that is not right can be the cause of the play store cannot be opened / no connection. For that, after we make sure the condition of the internet connection of the android phone that we have is not problematic, then next try to confirm the time and date on our smartphone.

Tips to make it easier to reset the time and date on your Android phone correctly is to click / check the automatic setting option from the operator. Then restart the android phone and try to open the android playstore application again.

2. Clear Cache on Play Store Apps

clear cache android phone

We need to know that every application certainly has a cache, where the function of the cache file itself is as a temporary data storage place. But if we leave the cache too often, it will make the performance of the Android cellphone slow.

Therefore to avoid the occurrence of play store android errors such as play store cannot be opened with a data package, we can delete the Play Store Application Cache on an Android cellphone with the following steps:

Go to Settings >> Applications >> Play Store >> Select Menu “Clear Cache”

3. Delete Google Accounts Registered on Android Phones

Did you know that deleting the Google Account that we use to login to the Play Store can also fix the Play Store no connection? Log out first and then delete the Google Account before we will restart the android phone.

After the android phone is alive, try logging back into the google playstore application using the google account that we deleted earlier. Based on our experience, in this way we have been able to fix the play store that has no connection.

4. Use a VPN

Another way to overcome the appearance of the “No Connection” notification on the Android cellphone play store is to use a VPN. However, with the problem that the Playstore does not work on the Android phone, of course it will make us unable to download it.

Therefore, try to enter the application search via a browser and visit the official website Download Hotspot for Android. Then connect to the VPN after the application is installed on the android phone that we have.

5. Factory Reset

If all of the above methods still make play store unable to open because of the “no connection” notification, then the last step we need to do is to do a Factory Reset.

But before we do this last step it would be better if we back up all the data on the android device. This is because Factory Reset will delete all data on the Android smartphone that we have.

However, if we don’t want to do a factory reset on the android phone, here we provide another solution to solve the problem of no internet connection, make sure the wifi or cellular data is active then try again while it’s working. open google play android app the.

And to try this step, the conditions we need are root access on android phone. For this reason, for Android cellphone users who have problems Play Store cannot be used (No Connection) even though the Android cellphone cellular data is already active, try to do the following steps:

How to Overcome Google Play Store Android Phone Losing Connection With Root

  1. First of all, make sure your Android phone already has root access
  2. After that we must also have an explorer application. In this tip, the explorer application that we use is Root Explorer
  3. Using Root Explorer, try to go to the /etc folder and look for a file called hosts
  4. Then open the hosts file by pressing it and selecting Text Editor
  5. Then on the Text Editor screen, delete the IP and informasi listed in the red box so that then it only contains one line
  6. The last step, save the file

Thus our meeting this time, which has just reviewed how we can solve the error on the Android phone play store. Hopefully with the steps above we can provide benefits for all of us, thank you so much..