How to Overcome Notifications Not Entering On Asus When The Screen Is Locked

By | March 26, 2022

Android phone notification won’t appear – How how to solve notifications not coming when the screen is locked on an android phone asus zenfone ? Of course, as Asus Zenfone Android smartphone users, we have experienced problems where when asus hp screen is locked notification does not appear. It must be very annoying if the notification problem does not come on the android phone happens to us. How not, we will not be able to find out messages from notifications such as sms, email or incoming chats from several social media that we have if we don’t unlock the screen of the Asus cellphone.

Under normal conditions, even though the screen of the asus phone is locked / locked in notifications from the BBM, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, and other Medsos or Messenger applications, it should still appear on the Asus Zenfone that we have. But what happens here, all notifications will enter within a few seconds after we unlock the screen of the Asus Android phone. Then what is the solution and the cause of the notification not coming if the asus cellphone screen is not opened the ? This problem really needs to be fixed immediately because if we let it drag on, it will make our friends wait for an answer that we don’t know will be an incoming notification when the screen is locked.

Therefore, on our occasion this time, our Smartphone Solution will try to share tips to overcome notifications not appearing in the status bar of an Android phone. So that way we don’t need to often unlock the Android screen so that we can receive notifications on the Asus cellphone. For that, let’s just discuss a full review of how to show notifications that won’t appear when the asus cellphone is in lockscreen condition below this.

How to Overcome Notifications Not Entering On Asus When The Screen Is Locked

how to solve notifications not appearing if the asus cellphone screen is not opened

The problem when our Asus Zenfone cellphone is experiencing a message notification cannot enter if the android cellphone screen is not opened is that we get messages from our relatives, friends, or family who want an answer from us as soon as possible. (read also : How to Overcome Android Cellular Data that Often Doesn’t Appear)

Of course we won’t be able to reply quickly because we don’t know there is an incoming message if we don’t open the android cellphone screen. Therefore, so that notifications can appear on the screen of a locked Asus cellphone, we need to do the following:

How to keep notifications coming in on a locked Asus cellphone screen

1. The First Way

  1. Open the Auto Start Manager Application.
  2. After that, select the application you want so that the application continues to run even though your cellphone screen is locked, so that notifications still enter even though the screen is turned off.
  3. Finished.

2. Second Way

  1. First of all open the menu Settings.
  2. After that go to settings Sound and Notification.
  3. Then enter the menu When device is Locked.
  4. The next step we check on the Show all notification content.
  5. Finished

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If by doing some of the steps above but the Asus cellphone notification still doesn’t want to enter when the screen is locked, then there are several things that we need to know about the cause of the notification not appearing. Among others are :

Android Sync Factor

  • One of the factors that make there is no notification when the android screen is locked is because we do not activate the “sync” feature. We need to know that by activating synchronization, we have several advantages, such as saving data packages and saving batteries on our Android phones.

Hibernation Button Factor

  • If we have activated this feature, the solution to open all applications and sync when the screen is locked is to open all applications one by one first, then automatically the notification on the Asus cellphone that we have will return to the way it was.

Power Saver Power Factor

One of the reasons why notifications don’t appear on Android phones and not many people know about it is because we installed the Power Saver application. This is because the Power Saver application will make the Android cellphone battery not run out quickly by reducing the performance of the Android smartphone itself. Therefore, maybe we need to know the function and how some modes work in the Power Saver application. Here’s the full review:

  • Performance Mode, to maximize the performance of android performance with 24-hour standby uptime, logically we can see that the harder the android works, the more easily the battery will run out, so there are other modes to make our android rest.
  • Normal Mode, this is what we usually use because normal mode will make the application run as usual even when your android screen is locked, this feature can also adjust the device as needed.
  • Power Saving Mode, we usually use this mode when we are traveling. This is because we only need TELFON SMS and if the android screen is locked then all applications will not be synchronized and there will be no notifications such as whatsaap fuel line and similar chat application applications.
  • Super Power Saving, it’s like we use JADUL HP, there is no active connection data package and can’t use internet power at all. This can be used when the android phone is really critical of battery power, or on a trip and things that don’t require an internet network.

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That’s our post this time, we just discussed the problem regarding the Asus Android cellphone notification that won’t appear on the locked screen. Hopefully by seeing our post this time, will be able to provide benefits to all of us. That is all and thank you ..

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