How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments

By | December 5, 2021

How to deal with leaking bathroom tiles – In general, Indonesian people’s homes currently have ceramic floors. Indeed, there are still many bathroom floors made of cement tiles. Usually, tile-floored bathrooms are often found in rural areas. But in fact, now many people in the village are starting to tile the bathroom floor.

Why are many people starting to prefer ceramics for their bathroom floors and walls?

The answer; because the floor and walls of ceramics are much more beautiful to the eye. I’m sure everyone agrees on this. So the main factor is because of the aesthetic value. Because of the atmosphere of today’s modern-style houses, surely the bathroom is served by ceramics.

But besides the advantages, of course this ceramic also has its drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of ceramics include; Not resistant to impact by hard objects, not resistant to shocks (eg earthquakes), inelastic and difficult to install on curved surfaces, easily scratched or broken, etc.

Well it could be one of the things above is being requested by your bathroom. For example, the ceramics are cracked, cracked, or leaking between the tiles. The causes are of course various. May have been hit or dropped by a hard object (eg iron). Or maybe it’s repeated because it’s been hit by an earthquake. As it is known that we know that there are several areas in Indonesia that are frequently shaken by earthquakes.

How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments
Illustration. Photo by: Gusz Project (Youtube).

This cracked or broken ceramic is usually quite annoying. If the bathroom is located on the second floor of your house. As a result, air seepage from the bathroom flows between the ceramic cracks. The point is that the bathroom tiles are leaking.

Then, how to deal with the leaky bathroom tiles?

Let’s look at the following description, check it out!

1. Make sure the ceramic is glued perfectly

This is very important to do when making a new bathroom. Ceramics that do not stick perfectly will quickly leak. To be able to find out, you can try in a slow way.

How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments

Ceramics that do not stick perfectly will have air spaces in them so that they produce sound. Disassembling it is an effective way if this happens in the bathroom.

2. Use Waterproofing

How to deal with leaky bathroom tiles should be done before gluing the tiles, but if this has happened then all you have to do is disassemble it, after that clean the floor from dry mortar. After cleaning, use waterproofing with different components, namely liquid and powder. Mix the two components until it forms a paste.

After that, apply the waterproofing vertically to the entire area and wait for it to dry. Once dry, you can add a second layer horizontally and then let sit for 24 hours and try not to get wet. Look at the photo illustration below.

How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments
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After 24 hours, then install a new ceramic, then wait for 3 weeks for the grout to fill.

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3. Patching the Broken Grout

The grout, or filler between ceramics, is usually damaged, this can happen due to several things, ranging from age, humidity, to worms that make holes in between the grout. So, before patching the grout, you should first make sure what the main cause is.

If the grout in the bathroom has cracked due to worms, all you have to do is expel the worms first by pouring water that has been dissolved in salt and let sit for a while until the worms come out of the hole and die.

After that, patching can be done. Before filling, it’s a good idea to first clean the old grout using a cement spoon. After cleaning, make a dough consisting of instant cement, water and sand. The dosage varies depending on the product.

After that use foam rubber to pour the dough and flatten then let stand for 5-10 minutes. If it is dry, clean the remnants of the grout mixture that is attached to the ceramic using a wet cloth. See the photo illustration below.

How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments
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4. Choose the type of grout as needed

Different places, different needs. The grout for the bathroom is certainly different from the grout for the kitchen. For the bathroom, choose a grout that is resistant to water pressure and also chemical liquids so it doesn’t crack easily. You can consult with the building contractor first.

The following is an example of an illustrative photo of a grout product (according to their respective designations).

How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments
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5. Keep the grout last

The way is easy, that is, immediately clean the grout after it dries. Then, you can try cleaning it with a disinfectant liquid, baking soda, or vinegar. Apply using a toothbrush, chamois, or foam rubber and gently scrub until clean.

How to Overcome Leaking Bathroom Ceramics & Treatments
Illustration. Photo by :

Some of the things above are not quite easy, especially if they are not people who understand building materials. However, the above method of dealing with leaky bathroom tiles is very useful and can be used as a preventive measure before a leak occurs, especially if you are building a new house.

In addition to avoiding leaks that cause damage to the house, the above is also to avoid short circuits that can occur if there is a leak on the top floor of the house.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.