How to Overcome Lazy Android Battery to Last Long

By | December 23, 2021

Android battery saver – How how to fix a cellphone battery that runs out quickly to keep it durable and not wasteful? Android cellphone batteries run out quickly / wasteful is an eternal problem that maybe almost all smartphone users, especially Android, experience the same problem, namely the cellphone heats up quickly, causing android battery runs out fast. So that currently there are many android battery saver applications on Google Play to save battery for Android users.

The thing that causes the Android battery to run out quickly is due to many factors such as too many running applications that are not supported by large RAM to a slow internet connection. To overcome the fast drain of the battery on Android because the battery is bloated, there are several ways according to the problem of the Android cellphone, but there is one way to save Android batteries that can be used for all Smartphones to increase Android battery life, namely by how to calibrate battery your android phone.

Battery calibration is a good way to deal with wasteful batteries on Android so that the Android battery that has dropped back becomes durable again. How to overcome wasteful batteries can be done by downloading an android battery saver application, but this time we will provide a way to overcome so that the battery lasts longer using battery calibration. Follow the tutorial about how to save android battery by calibrating the android battery so that your android phone battery does not run out quickly and android does not heat up quickly as follows:

How to Overcome Lazy Android Battery to Last Long

how to solve a wasteful android battery

There are two ways to calibrate the battery, namely by using the application or manually:

1. The first way, calibrate the android cellphone battery without using an application

  • Drain Battery until 1% remaining
  • Then turn off the cellphone and charge it to full, we recommend doing it at night. (do 3 to 5 days)
  • To check whether the battery has been calibrated when the battery is full, unplug the charger and then plug it in again, if there is a charging notification and not a full battery, then the battery has not been calibrated.
  • Do this again for about 6-10 days until calibrated.
  • I have tried this method myself and it works

2. The second way is to calibrate the android phone using the Application

  • Drain battery to less than 20%.
  • After that, install the required application. for the application here use the Battery Dr Saver application which you can open via google play.
  • Then install the application until it’s finished. After you finish charging your cellphone.
  • Wait until the battery charging process is up to 100%.

The thing to remember is don’t move applications and don’t remove the charger if charging has not been completed. So just let the application run and the charger remains plugged in. Do this for about 6-10 days. When it is enough, you can repeat it once a month so that it can overcome the wasteful android battery so that it lasts longer.

Notes : When you are charging your android phone, use a charger and data cable that fits your android phone. If not, what is worried about is the failure of the calibration process and precisely when Android phone is charging even less.

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This is the information we can convey about how to overcome wasteful android battery so that it lasts longer. Hopefully android users can be successful when trying our tips and can restore an android battery that has dropped so that it can last a long time again. Until we meet again at the next meeting which will still discuss about smartphone techno, that’s all and thank you..

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