How to Overcome Battery Waste for Non-Removeble Types

By | March 7, 2022

Non-Removable Battery – How how to fix an android phone battery that runs out quickly ? Android battery runs out quickly, of course, one indication that the battery has dropped so that it makes you upset and forces you to buy a new one. The battery / cellphone resource is a very vital cellphone device, if a bloated battery problem appears, it will have a long impact, one of which is that the Android phone gets hot quickly or the battery drops.

So that we can avoid cell phone batteries that quickly drop and extend the life of your Android phone battery, we must first know the cause of the battery running out quickly. Therefore, we will share tips and tricks on how to save Android smartphone battery.

We don’t need to worry about the type of implanted or Non-Removable cellphone battery because there are ways to take care of the implanted or Non-Removable battery on Android, both phones with removable and non-removable batteries both have their own pluses and minuses.

The first way to take care of a cellphone battery so that it lasts a long time is to always use the original / default charge of the cellphone or tablet itself, don’t just match the port, but adjust it to the HP standards, for example, such as electric current, etc. In this case, the original charger is the best. Because it has been set by the smartphone manufacturer.

How to Overcome Battery Waste for Non-Removeble Types

How to deal with wasteful batteries, Li-Polymer (Lithium-Polymer) batteries

If we talk about non-removable batteries or what we often know as implanted batteries, of course there will be an Android cellphone battery that cannot be removed. In addition to these differences, when compared to the removeble battery for Android phones, it will certainly be a little inconvenient if there is damage to the battery planted on the Android cellphone that we have.

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Therefore, at our meeting this time, our Smartphone Solution will try to provide several steps to overcome the planted cellphone battery that often drops in the review below.

Steps to fix a dripping planted battery on an Android phone

1. Save on cell phone battery usage by turning off features that we rarely use.

2. Don’t get used to calling while charging your cell phone.

3. Get in the habit of turning off your phone or at least turning off the vibrate feature when you’re charging.

4. Get to know the types of android cellphone batteries that we use.

Lithium battery features:

  • The nominal voltage of the lipo battery is 3.6 volts.
  • The electrolytes in lipo batteries are solid and non-reactive, which simplifies battery charging.
  • Lithium batteries can be made in a very thin and flexible size so that they are suitable for use in mini-sized equipment.
  • Compared to Li-Ion batteries of the same capacity, Li-Polymer batteries are 10-15% lighter in weight.
  • Li-Polymer (Lithium-Polymer) batteries lose their capacity faster.

6. Do not put your phone too often in a place where the temperature is extreme.

7. Use the original charger.

8. Do not often – often drop your cellphone.

9. Try not to use the car charger too often to recharge the battery.

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Prevention is always better than fixing. So with the tips above we hope you can extend the life of your HP battery. Besides that, you can also save the budget for spending on buying a new battery, thank you..

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