How to Overcome Applications Stopped on Hp Xiaomi Redmi 4 “Unfortunately Has Stopped Working”

By | March 4, 2022
Xiaomi apps stopped – How how to solve the application stops itself on a xiaomi cellphone ? As users of xiaomi android cellphones, of course we have experienced incidents where the xiaomi cellphone application suddenly exits. Often times when we use BBM, Facebook or the Xiaomi cellphone application when it closes suddenly it is always marked with the message “Unfortunately has stopped working” or “Unfortunately, the application has stopped” on the Xiaomi cellphone screen that we have. And we need to know that the xiaomi force close problem / application often stops itself very often happens on xiaomi phones, especially xiaomi redmi 4, redmi prime or xiaomi 4A series.

But actually, cellphone problems often come out on their own and are also often experienced by other Android smartphone users such as Samsung, Oopo Smartphone, Vivo and Advan. And often times we always suspect that the reason why the application often comes out on its own on xiaomi phones is because the android system stops suddenly. Then, how how to remove status bar has stopped that always appears on the xiaomi smartphone screen? However, before we discuss the multitasking of this xiaomi redmi 4 cellphone which always has errors, first make sure that the xiaomi cellphone that we have does not use a distributor ROM.

Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution I will try to share tips for dealing with apps stopping suddenly on Xiaomi Redmi 4, Prime and Xiaomi 4A cellphones. In the hope that there will be no more notifications, unfortunately the process has stopped when we are using Xiaomi applications such as BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. But there is nothing wrong with Xiaomi smartphone users other than Redmi 4 to try this step from us because actually this method is intended for Xiaomi Miui 8 cellphones to often force close. For that, let’s just look at the reviews about how to solve unfortunately the application has stopped on the xiaomi redmi 4 cellphone more below.

How to Overcome Applications Stopped on Hp Xiaomi Redmi 4 “Unfortunately Has Stopped Working”

how to solve the application stops itself on a xiaomi cellphone

How to solve the xiaomi cellphone application that often closes itself automatically

1. Clear cache and clear application data

The first way we can do to fix a xiaomi cellphone that often closes the application itself automatically is to clear the cache and clear the application data. To clear the cache, we can do the following:

  • First of all, let’s go to the settings menu first
  • After that go to the app download option and look for the application that often closes itself
  • Then reboot the xiaomi cellphone smartphone
  • And check the application that often exits suddenly by entering the application

2. Delete and reinstall the app

If deleting data and cache has not been able to resolve the android system suddenly stopped, then the next step we can try is to delete the installed application and then install it again on the Xiaomi Redmi 4 cellphone that we have.

3. Downgrade the app

If we have used the 2 methods above but the application still often comes out by itself when we are using it, then there is a possibility that the xiaomi phone that we have does not match or support this version of the application. Therefore, it may be necessary to downgrade the application where we can download the version of the application in the form of an APK file with a lower version of the app than before. However, the problem is that the Playstore does not provide an application in the form of an apk in the form of a version other than the latest version.

Therefore, to outsmart it, we can download it on other markets such as 9APPS which provides the full APK file for the desired version. To enter the 9APPS market, we can visit it at the following info:

  • 9APPS Download info >>

4. Lock Apps via Recent Apps

  • First of all, please open some of the applications that we usually use
  • Then press the recent app .lo9 softbutton which has three stacked lines in the lower left corner
  • After we have done the above steps, we will see the appearance of the application that is running automatically
  • The next step is to swipe or drag down the application until a lock icon appears in the right corner of the application
  • Do it also on other applications on the xiaomi cellphone that we have
  • And with the steps above, we have locked the application and the application will not close automatically again

5. Flash xiaomi phone

If by doing the methods above, the status bar has stopped always appearing, then the best step we can use is flashing the xiaomi redmi 4 cellphone.

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Thus our post this time which just discussed the problem “unfortunately has stopped working” or “unfortunately, the application has stopped” which is always on the screen of the xiaomi cellphone that we have. Hopefully some of the ways above can benefit us all, thank you so much.