How to Overcome Applications Not Installed / Not Installed On Android

By | December 27, 2021

Android Smartphone users are now more and more, especially among the lower middle class.

Apart from its easy interface and operation, Android Smartphones are very cheap and even with more qualified specs than their competitors.

However, that does not mean Android can be free from problems. Have you ever experienced notifications “Uninstalled Application” when you want to open an application on your Android Smartphone?

Let’s discuss what the possibilities are and how to overcome them, see below!

Why is my Android experiencing “App Not Installed/Not Installed”?

There are two reasons why this can happen, including Google Play which is automatically updating the application or indeed the application has been uninstalled but the launcher is still read in the menu of your Android Smartphone.

How to handle it?

How to solve it is quite easy, you just need to check whether the application is being updated or not.

If the application is not being updated but you are still experiencing “App not installed/not installed” when you want to run the application, then the solution is you have to reinstall the application again from the Google Play Store.