How to Overcome Android Cellular Data that Often Doesn’t Appear

By | April 20, 2022

Mobile data not showing – How how to solve android cellphone cellular data that often doesn’t appear ? For a smartphone device, be it Android or iOS, a cellular network is something that the smartphone really needs to always be connected to the internet. Android cellphone cellular data problem such as the cellular network does not appear in the status bar of the android cellphone, of course, it will make us unable to surf the internet because it is considered an inactive data package. With no signal on the android device, our internet will automatically turn off or not work at all.

However, not a few of Android smartphone users have also experienced incidents where the data package is active but cannot surf the internet. In addition to the cellphone not being able to connect to the internet, even though the data package is active, sometimes the Android cellphone signal disappears, often disappears and even the H+ network does not appear, which is also an internet error problem on our Android phones. Then how how to fix android phone network that often disappears the ? Like it or not, how to activate cellular data that doesn’t appear is necessary for us to do if we don’t want the 4g signal on our Android cellphone to be completely lost.

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Therefore on our occasion this time Smartphone Solution will provide information about why cellular data does not appear even though it has been activated on the sim card that we use on the android phone that we have. Here we will also provide some possible factors to be the cause of the Android mobile data often does not appear. This is so that we don’t take the wrong step in taking action when trying to fix an Android cellphone signal that goes away on its own. For that, let’s just take a look at the full review about how to solve cellular data not showing on android phone below this.

How to Overcome Android Cellular Data that Often Doesn’t Appear

how to solve cellular data not showing on android phone

Causes of Cellular Network Not Appearing on Android Phone

The causes of cellular networks not appearing are indeed very diverse, therefore below we will provide some information about some of the factors that cause Telkomsel cellular data not to appear before we step on the discussion of how to bring up the lost data, including:

  • Sim Card has not been registered
  • Weather factors or interference from the provider due to repairs
  • Mobile data not activated
  • Internet package quota has run out
  • There is no network available where we are
  • Changing Custom ROM
  • or because the cellular data settings on the android phone don’t match

How to Fix Active Data Packages But Can’t Internet

  1. First of all make sure the card is installed properly and correctly on android
  2. After that activate the data package on the android smartphone that we have, or it can also be via “Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Use Packet Data
  3. If cellular data does not appear even though it has been activated then try using Flight Mode or airplane mode. This aims to refresh the existing internet connection on the android smartphone that we have
  4. However, if in this way the Android phone still cannot access the internet even though the cellular data is already on, then the last step we need to do is go to “Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Create New APN
  5. Each cellular operator will have a different APN, but if we fill in the APN settings correctly then we can bring up the lost data packet signal.
  6. The last step, see and make sure the mobile network has reappeared

However, if the above method still makes cellular data not appear, then we need to do a factory reset because it is feared that if the problematic Android cellular data comes from software damage. However, if we have done all of these things but did not bring success or we are not sure to do some of the steps above, then the next step we need to do is to bring the android smartphone that we have to the nearest service center.

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Thus our meeting this time, which just reviewed how to solve cellular data not appearing on our Android phones. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits for all of us, thank you so much.

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