How to Merge Videos on HP, Beginner Vloggers Must Know

By | March 27, 2022

Content with video formats is increasingly being liked by the public. No wonder this triggers the emergence of many newcomer vloggers. As a beginner vlogger (video blogger), you must know how to combine videos on your cellphone. This knowledge is very useful for content creation.

Luckily, how to edit video on a cellphone is not too difficult and can even be done without installing certain applications. However, there are also some apps that you can use to cut and join.

Come on, read this article to the end.

Vlogger, The Current Way to Make Money

People increasingly like everything that is visual because it is practical, the message is more quickly captured, and interesting. That’s why internet users also prefer to watch something than read. It’s no wonder that new vloggers appear on social media who upload new shows every day.

These video makers are also increasingly aware that the content they upload can bring in coffers of money. There are various names for this profession, ranging from content creators, YouTubers, influencers, and vloggers themselves. Obviously they just need to make a video then upload it to a digital platform and let it work on its own.

But do you work alone?

Of course there are technical things that need to be done before the content goes live. One of them is how to combine videos on a cellphone. Beginner vloggers usually still use cellphones as a means of recording. The reason, of course, is that their budget is still minimal and their editing knowledge is not yet qualified.

How to Merge Videos on Mobile with Apps

Interestingly, even videos made and edited on mobile phones can go viral if they are unique and useful for the audience. Interesting content to upload is generally tutorials, unboxing, reviews, activities, and podcasts.

It should also be noted that the recording process is not possible once and then immediately becomes. Generally in the form of pieces of video then combined.

Well, how to combine this is what beginner vloggers should know. In general there are two ways, using the app and not. The purpose of this editing is of course to make the content more interesting and bring in a lot of audience.

The greater the number of views, the higher the value for money. Especially if someone puts an ad in the uploaded video.

Here are some video editing apps on your phone and how to use them:

1. Using Videoshow

How to Merge Videos on HP

One of the easiest apps to use is Videoshow. Android users can download it via Google PlayStore, then create an account to start using it.

Here’s how:

  • Open the app and select video editing
  • The user will be directed to the selection menu where there is an option All or All then click.
  • Mark which video files you want to merge (merge).
  • Click Start
  • Wait until the merging is complete, then click the red toggle at the top left of the screen
  • Choose a storage location. Process ends.

2. Use DU Recorder

How to Merge Videos on HP, Beginner Vloggers Must Know

This application is also very easy to use and has an attractive interface. In addition, there are many additional filters to make the video more interesting. The application can be downloaded at Play Store.

Here’s how to wear it:

  • Open the app and look for the screwdriver or pliers logo at the top of the screen
  • Enter menu Merge Videos
  • Users are immediately directed to the storage gallery, select a file.
  • When finished marking, click the information button that appears if there is indeed a video with a different resolution
  • Next, the process will take place. Wait until the 100 percent mark appears.
  • Users can directly share it on social media, you know.

3. Take advantage of WeVideo

How to Merge Videos on HP, Beginner Vloggers Must Know

According to vloggers, this is one of the best video editing software. Lots of interesting features and very easy to use. Merging results are also smooth, so when uploaded will look professional.

  • download WeVideo through Playstore
  • After registering an account, select the green toggle at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Users will be directly directed to enter New Video Making
  • A template appears that can be set via the blue button at the bottom right of the screen
  • Go to the gallery, then specify which video files to merge
  • Done choosing, go back to the menu Framework or Templates
  • Give the file a title, edit the font, size, saturation, and all the things that are considered necessary, then click create
  • Finished

WeVideo is actually paid. In the free version, usually a watermark will appear. So, in order for this watermark to disappear, the user must first subscribe. There are several package options that can be tailored to your budget.

Merge Videos Without App

Don’t want to fill up your storage memory with an editing app download? Don’t worry because merging can be done online without having to download any application. What needs to be ensured is a smooth internet connection so that the editing process is not hampered.

Here are some options:

1. Choose Clideo Website

How to Merge Videos on HP, Beginner Vloggers Must Know

This is an editing website that is already popular among vloggers, beginners can try using it. Its flagship feature is that it combines two or more videos without the need to download an app.

Here’s how:

  • Open the browser, then go to the website, select menu Merge Videos
  • Continue by selecting Choose File then upload the one that has been selected
  • Next, click Upload More Files (to add one more video you want to merge)
  • Press Merge, then wait until the process is complete
  • Download merge results and save. Finished.

This site is not only for putting together videos, but also for adding audio and other filters. Storage can also be done to Google DropBox (so that the phone memory is not full).

2. Try with Online Converter

How to Merge Videos on HP, Beginner Vloggers Must Know

Do not hesitate to try this method because it is quite easy to operate. However, the videos that are put together can only be up to 4 pieces. Even so, it’s still quite capable for beginners, really.

Here’s how:

  • Login to the web, then select Upload All the Files You Want (maximum 4 videos)
  • choose Merge. The process starts, wait for it to finish.
  • Click Download and the full video is ready.

Keep in mind, the length of time depends on the resolution and duration.

3. Edit Using WoFox

How to Merge Videos on HP, Beginner Vloggers Must Know

If you need long videos, this site is a great place to do it. Here’s how:

  • Login to site, choose Editing Tools, then continue to Video Joiners
  • Specify one file first, then upload
  • Continue to add more files by clicking Add More
  • Press Download then wait for the process to finish.

Those are some ways to combine videos on cellphones that novice vloggers can try. By often trying and practicing, editing skills will be more mature. Moreover, there is already application support as exemplified above. Get ready, bro. ️

I hope this information is helpful.