How to make your Windows faster

By | May 7, 2022
How to make your Windows faster

How to make your Windows faster. Before we go to the tutorial, I will first emphasize that the “slow” context in this article is a result of lack of maintenance and there are several settings that we can modify or turn off to slightly improve laptop performance.

After that, what I recommend first is Debloat Windows, for an explanation you can follow the info. Ok, without further ado, let’s move on to the tutorial.

Uninstall unused programs.

Maybe some of you often forget, cool to install and pile up programs even though they are no longer used. So uninstall programs that you don’t need anymore. How to press Windows / Settings / System / Apps and features. You will see the application that you have downloaded. Please uninstall, what program are you not using anymore.

Turning off Start-up Programs

How to make your Windows faster

There are several programs that after being installed will automatically run the first time the PC is turned on, even though I don’t think it’s that important. The method:

Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task manager, then select tab Startup. Next, please right click and Disable programs that you don’t think need to run the first time your laptop turns on.

Power Options

How to make your Windows faster

This setting is usually useful for Notebooks where you have to balance between performance or battery saving. If you are a laptop or computer user, just set it to Best performance. The method:

Click Windows / Settings / System / Power and sleep / Additional power settings, on choice Hide Additional plans, you choose High performance.

Transparency setting

How to make your Windows faster

It sacrifices a little display which I don’t think is that important for a bit of performance. So you just turn it off. The method:

Press Windows / Settings / Personalization / Colors / then turn off on options Make start, taskbar, and action center.

Special effects

How to make your Windows faster

Windows has a kind of special effect that makes your laptop better with transitions and such. I don’t think it matters. How to costume:

Press search menu then type Advanced system settings, on choice performance you press settings. You notice where I tick in the picture.

Boot menu

How to make your Windows faster

You should set it a little faster, but not too fast so that entering the bios is a little easier. The method:

Press search menu then type Advanced system settings, Startup and Recovery you press settings, on choice Time to display list of operating systems you set 15 or 10 seconds. Click OK

Disk CleanUp

I think it’s very important to clean the hard drive from junk files that are not used anymore. How: click Search menu then type Dick Cleanup. Then clean.

Turning off background apps

How to make your Windows faster

Previously, you first determined which applications should not run in the background. How: click Start menu / Settings / Privacy / Background Apps. Next, choose whether you need notifications or not, which applications can run in the background or not. I personally would prefer to turn it all off. However, if you want some of the notifications, just adjust them.

Turn Off Notifications

How to make your Windows faster

you press Start menu / Settings / System / Notifications and actions. Then you turn off notifications that you think are not important.

Maybe it’s a few steps on how to make your Windows faster and settings that hopefully can lighten the performance of the laptop, and make it a little faster. thank you