How to make the Xiaomi cellphone battery not run out quickly and last

By | December 19, 2021
How to make the Xiaomi cellphone battery not run out quickly and last

Xiaomi is one of the most famous HP brands and is widely used by the people of Indonesia. With a cheap purchase price, Xiaomi offers a variety of interesting features to make it easier for users to use it.

Unfortunately, this cannot happen if the Xiaomi battery does not last long and is easily damaged. To avoid this incident, it’s a good idea to learn how to prevent the Xiaomi cellphone battery from running out quickly.

The HP battery if it runs out quickly is certainly very annoying, especially if the cellphone is still needed for work purposes. If today’s journey is still long, then it’s a good idea to save battery so that it can last until you arrive at your destination.

Well, for those who are on the road and their cellphone power is less than 50%, then try some of the ways below to save it.

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1. Ensure App Closes Properly

Too many open applications can cause the battery to drain quickly. This incident is often not realized by Xiaomi users. In fact, most of them are not opened anymore and only burden the phone and consume battery power.

So after using an app, make sure to close it properly.

The way to see if the app is closed properly is to press the bottom left menu button. When pressing the button, users can see which applications are still open and have not closed completely. The way to close it is to just swap the application box up until it disappears.

2. Set the Auto Close App Feature

The way so that the Xiaomi cellphone battery doesn’t run out quickly for the forgetful is to use the Close App feature.

This is Xiaomi’s flagship feature where the system will clean the RAM if it is in sleep mode after a certain period of time. That way, all applications that were still open at the last time they were used will automatically close properly.

For this feature to be up and running, users just need to go to settings. Next, select the battery and in the profile section, add the memory cleaning option to enable.

Next, don’t forget to set the time when the phone system should start cleaning its contents. If you don’t want to be too annoying, then install a rather long duration and a night time.

3. Using Original ROM

Bugs are a nuisance in Xiaomi that can damage various things on the cellphone including the battery. Therefore, it’s a good idea for every user to always use the original ROM version from Xiaomi.

Unfortunately in Indonesia, many use fake ROMs to cause bugs in their applications and cellphones. This is what ultimately makes the battery not durable and easily damaged.

The easiest way to avoid this is to remove it and use the original ROM. Although the price is a little more expensive, but its use is more comfortable and harmless. In addition, with the original ROM, users can also get regular updates from Xiaomi.

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4. Lowering HP Brightness

The next way that can help save battery is to adjust the brightness of the cellphone. If the light level is too high, the battery power absorbed will be even greater, making it wasteful.

So, the easiest way is to lower it by sliding it to the left. The further to the left, the brightness level will decrease until it is dark.

Another option that can be tried is turning off the automatic brightness mode that is on Xiaomi. This mode is very battery-intensive because it has to read the brightness conditions in every condition and can make the screen very bright at night.

5. Turn off Mobile Data

For those who are on a trip and there is no signal or are looking for continuously, then it is better to turn off mobile data. If left on, the cellphone will continue to work to find a signal so that it can work normally. So, if this happens, then it’s better to turn off the cellphone first or just the mobile data.

If you feel you are in a better location, then turn on the HP again. Don’t forget to reactivate mobile data for those that were previously turned off. If the cellphone is working again, then make sure to install battery saving mode so that it doesn’t use the battery wastefully.

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6. Not Turning On Unused Features

In addition to closing applications, don’t forget to turn on unused features. Examples of some unused features but usually stay on are Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth to NFC.

So, after using one of those apps, make sure to turn off the button (until it’s grayed out).

7. Turn off the cellphone if the battery power is critical

If you want the battery not to be damaged, hot, or run out then turn off the cellphone when the power is low. So, if only 3-5% is left, it’s better to turn off the cellphone than the cellphone dies because it runs out of battery. This can help prevent the battery from leaking so it lasts longer.

8. Don’t Use Your Phone When Charging

If the battery is low, then do not use the phone for non-emergency purposes. In addition, activate the power saving feature so that the battery can last longer than usual.

For those who are plugging their cellphone into the power bank, then make sure not to use it either. Besides being able to make the cellphone hot, this method can also damage the cellphone battery slowly.

Those are some ways so that the Xiaomi cellphone battery does not run out quickly or is damaged even though it is used a lot.

So, if the Xiaomi battery is about to run out, then turn off the cellphone until you find a plug to charge it. And when it’s charging, don’t use it so it can charge quickly and don’t damage the battery.

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Hope it is useful.