How to Make Paving Blocks Independently, Check it Out!

By | May 1, 2022

How to make paving blocks – Paving blocks are one of the building materials that are widely used by the people of Indonesia. Whether it’s for personal use (making a house yard and a car park). Or for the public interest (such as making sidewalks, parks, and roads).

Paving block itself serves to coat the ground surface. So with the paving block, the land will be protected from erosion and waterlogging. In addition, the soil will not be muddy during the rainy season. Therefore, with this paving block, every driver and pedestrian will feel comfortable to pass through the road.

Well, for those of you who have plans to coat your yard or yard, you can get this paving block at a material store. If you want to get a cheaper price, then you can buy directly from the manufacturer.

For the price of paving blocks themselves vary widely. Some are sold for between 90,000 and 120,000 per square meter. And some are sold per 1 pcs paving block at a price of 10,000 to 12,000 rupiah. Usually this is a type of high-quality paving block, so the price is quite expensive.

Maybe some of you will respond: “Wow, the price is too expensive, do you think there are paving blocks that are even cheaper?”

The answer: Yes! Even the price is really cheap! That is by making your own paving blocks independently (manually). Hehehe

How to Make Paving Blocks Independently, Check it Out!
Illustration. Photo by : Rohmat Official (Youtube).

Surely the ‘price’ will be very cheap if you make paving blocks yourself. Because you only need to pay for the raw materials. The rest just need your energy and creativity.

If you want the process to be easier, then you can hire a handyman to make the manual paving blocks. Of course there will be a little additional cost, namely to pay for the services of the handyman.

If you have enough free time, it certainly can’t hurt to try to make it. Because there are quite a lot of benefits that you will get by making your own paving blocks. In addition to saving more costs, there is also a kind of satisfaction in itself if the paving blocks in your home are homemade. People who have a creative soul will understand this. ️

Well, if you are interested in making it, then there are some raw materials that you must prepare. In addition, you also need to know the stages and how to make paving blocks. Of course in this case it is limited to knowing the basic knowledge. So even if the results are not perfect, then that’s not a problem. His name is also a new person to learn and try. After all, the results are only for personal use, not for sale.

Raw materials that need to be prepared include cement, sand, and water. There is also a type of paving block that uses a combination of cement, sand, gravel and stone ash. So it’s up to you which raw materials to use. What is clear, the quality of paving blocks will depend on the materials used. If you want good quality, of course the basic ingredients must also be more complete.

Well, for how to make paving blocks, it consists of several stages.

Let’s see the full explanation below.

1. Making the First Complaint

The first way to make paving blocks that must be done is to make a mixture consisting of several ingredients. Such as cement mixed with sand in a ratio of 1 to 3, 1 to 4, 1 to 5 or 1 to 6. The ratio of these materials will determine the level of compressive strength of the paving block.

How to Make Paving Blocks Manually, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Aji Rubiyanto (Youtube).

If it is mixed with the ratio that has been selected then add enough water. Check the mixture until it gets the desired texture by gripping it. Feel the mixture until it feels strong.

2. Making the Second Complaint

When the first mix has been made. Continue how to make paving blocks by making the second mortar in a separate place from the first mortar. The steps that need to be taken are not much different from the steps taken in the first mix. That is, mix cement with sand and then sprinkle a little water just to make the cement sticky and bind the sand.

How to Make Paving Blocks Independently, Check it Out!
Illustration. Photo by : Mining_FULL (Youtube).

Stir this second mixture until it is completely evenly distributed and still has a wet texture. The use of this second mixture is as a wrapper for the first mixture so it doesn’t stick to the mold.

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3. Start Printing

If it is felt that the two mixtures were ready for further processing. Then the next step is to pour the second mixture into the paving block mold. only after the second mixture comes in, it is followed by pouring the first mixture on top of the second mixture.

How to Make Paving Blocks Independently, Check it Out!
Illustration. Photo by : Titik Hitam Cloth (Youtube).

In this process, if you want to add other materials to the paving block, you can do this, such as stone ash. You do this by placing additional material in the middle between the second mixture and the first mixture. Make sure everything is installed in the mold correctly. Then take a stick and hit the paving block repeatedly until it is solid.

4. Removing the Paving Block from the Mold

After being beaten until you get the level of density and evenness you want. Paving blocks can be removed from the mold and ready to be dried in the place provided.

How to Make Paving Blocks Independently, Check it Out!
Illustration. Photo by :

Keep in mind that the paving block drying area should be placed in a shady place and a flat ground surface.

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5. Testing of Paving Block Quality

If all the processes for making paving blocks have been passed, that is a sign that the paving blocks are finished.

How to Make Paving Blocks Independently, Check it Out!
Illustration. Photo by :

It is true that it has been done, but that does not mean the process is complete. There is still one more process until the paving blocks are ready to be used or marketed. That is the process of testing the quality of paving blocks to determine their feasibility.

To determine the quality of the paving block, it can be done by changing the position of the paving block several times. From sleeping to standing up repeatedly. Signs of paving blocks that have good quality will not change shape or damage when changing positions earlier.

That’s how to make paving blocks that you can try yourself at home. Regarding paving block molds, you can buy them in the market. Good luck! ️

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.

Author by : Bang izal.