How to make online motorcycle taxis easy to find your location

By | December 11, 2021
Transportation with online ordering is now much needed by some people in Indonesia.

Starting from the trend of online motorcycle taxis/taxis since 2015, now the use of online motorcycle taxis / taxis has increased dramatically and even claims to employ nearly 1 million people.

Because how to register online driver services like GOJEK and GRAB which is quite easy, working as an online driver is also known to be relaxed, so it’s no wonder that so many residents register as online taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers.

This is certainly not because there is no reason why transportation with an online booking system is needed today.

The ordering is very practical, all you have to do is ask for a pick up via pinpointing the location on Google Maps, which can even be selected by searching, you know!

Without having to specify the location if the location we want to be picked up is registered on Google Maps.

Now, but what about this, if we are in a certain remote location far from the highway and ironically don’t get a driver even though we keep looking for a driver?

And also there is one other problem, namely the driver who does not know our address. This is commonplace and often happens every day among online taxi/ojek drivers, you know.

Prospective passengers sometimes arbitrarily point out the location that is “not common” so the driver is confused.

There are also those who already know that the driver will pick them up, but instead, he moves to another place for some reason, resulting in miscommunication.

Apart from that, here I will give 5 complete information about “How to make it easy for online taxis and motorcycle taxis to find your location”

1. Find a convenience store or whatever is closest in your area, which is at least listed on Maps

Try searching for any places (eg mini-markets or restaurants) that are closest to your area.

But after that you said your actual location where it was very clear so that there was no miscommunication of addresses, not cheating but to make it easier for you to get drivers.

But It’s not really guaranteed to find a driver instantly if you’re still very deep in the countryside.

It’s a good idea to tip more in advance if you want to follow these tips.

2. Zoom in on your location many times to get as detailed as possible

In the average online transportation application features, the drivers are equipped with a feature in the form of a location point where the prospective passenger when he orders.

Therefore, if you don’t know the address, at least you can blame the GPS feature on your smartphone with high accuracy and then ask the driver to track where you last ordered the driver.

3. Don’t just choose a pick up location on the map

This sometimes likes to be underestimated by drivers who order it, so don’t just point to the pick-up point!

Because if you choose a pick up location that is far enough from your location, the driver can also be found in that location radius!

4. Explain your address in as much detail as possible to the driver

How hard is it if we know our home address but we are lazy to type where? It’s a shame it’s going to be a hassle for the driver, isn’t it?

Therefore, it should be difficult, especially if we order from our homes, it would be nice if we write down the full address so that at any time if we get a driver who doesn’t know the area, he can ask the people around him for the address.

5. Find the nearest pick-up point around the pick-up location listed in the online taxi/ojek application

This in my opinion is an amazing feature that can reduce almost 99% of miscommunication between passengers and drivers.

Later if you order from a registered place at any time (e.g. mall or train station), there will be a choice of options to meet at the pick up point, usually around 2 to 3 pick up points in the vicinity.

Of course, the online motorcycle taxi application developers have provided their applications to make it easier for prospective passengers and drivers to meet as easily as possible.

That’s all maybe from me about the 5 ways above about so that it is easy for Ojek Online to find your location.

On top of that by the way is my own way when I am in a location that is very far from the highway and from a radius of online drivers.

So I can guarantee that the 5 ways above can at least help you in making it easier for the driver to find your location.