How to Make Double Exposures Effects on Photos to Make it Present

By | December 1, 2021
How to add double exposures to photos on Android – Currently, technology is increasingly advanced as evidenced by the presence of increasingly diverse smartphones on the market. With a variety of features and designs on offer, it makes everyone interested and want to buy it.

With smartphones, we can do anything to support our daily activities. It can even be said that the presence of a smartphone will make it easier for us in every way. And no exception in terms of photo editing.

If we used to edit photos, we had to have the skills or abilities to use Photoshop or other software via a computer. But now we can do it easily and even then only by using the smartphone that we have.

Moreover, now there are a lot of photo editing android applications available on the Internet google play store which has various features. So that we can easily edit the photos we have but with pretty good results.

How to Create a Double Exposures Effect on Android so that it is contemporary
The key to the best results when editing photos is a high level of creativity and patience. Because an interesting photo editing is pleasing to the eye and contains good artistic value.

And on this occasion, for you photography lovers, you should know what it is double exposure. Where the meaning of the word is the technique of combining 2 photos in one frame so that the results will look interesting from the photo.

Well, for those of you who are not proficient at using a Photoshop tool, then we will provide tips and tutorials easily, using only an Android smartphone. Like how? Yup, follow the steps below:

An easy way to create a double exposure effect using Android:

  • The first step is please download and install
    android app named photo lab editor. You can see what the application looks like in the image below.
photo editing application with double exposure effects
  • Furthermore, if it is already installed, you can just open the application and continue by clicking magic wand icon in the lower left corner and then you select the effect category double exposure. And for more details you can see in the following image.
how to edit photos with double exposures on android
  • The next step is that you select the effect double exposure which you think is suitable and also according to your taste.
  • And if you have clicked on the effect and enter your photo from gallery. As in the image below.
how to edit the current photo via android
  • Then you click green arrow right icon and wait for the editing process to finish and after that you see the results.
  • If you are satisfied with the results, then you can go directly save by clicking on the download icon on top right or if you are not satisfied, please edit again by pressing + icon on the right. As an illustration, you can see and pay attention to the image below.
contemporary photo editing application on android
  • In addition, so that the photo looks more complete, you can add effects, animation
    nor text into the photo you edited.
an easy way to edit contemporary photos only through Android
  • And the last step if the photo is maximum, then you just click the icon download and download to save your edited photos.

Okay that’s how to edit photos with add double exposure effect via android. Hopefully this method can be useful for you when you want to edit photos. Thank you for visiting and if you like, please write your comments through the comments column provided below.