How to Make Boba Drink Promotion Words

By | December 8, 2021

Business in the field of boba drinks, it turns out that many young entrepreneurs are also interested. Its wide market segment (starting from school children to adults) makes this business very promising to run.

This business can also be started with relatively small capital. You can start selling boba drinks with an initial capital of 1 million, 3 million, up to 5 million rupiah.

Of course, the amount of this capital depends on how big your selling stall is. If you sell in front of your own house, then 1 million capital I think is enough. But if you rent a kiosk at the market or school, then at least you need capital worth 3 million to 5 million rupiah.

So, as a new business, you need to make various promotional efforts. The goal is for your product to be recognized by the public. In addition, doing promotions will make people more interested in buying your products.

One of the effective ways to market boba beverage products is to assemble the right promotional words. This means that the narrative content of the word promotion must be in accordance with the targeted market segment.

Then, How to Make Interesting Boba Drink Promotion Words?

Let’s continue to read the review to the end.

1. Using the Word ‘Current’

One of the promotional words for boba drinks that is easy to pack is to use the word ‘kekinan’. The boba drink is indeed synonymous with an innovation of today’s drinks, with a variety of connoisseurs of various ages.

This diversity can be used as one of the best ways to attract consumers.

Of course, who doesn’t want to look modern in everything? Especially for young people. It’s not just a matter of fashion, even for food or drink choices, many young people always want to try new things. Starting from the cafe, to the type of food or drink.

Boba is one type of contemporary drink that is also much sought after, especially by young people. The price is right for school children’s pocket money. As a result, the association brings schoolchildren to become boba fans, not only to be enjoyed but also to be uploaded on their social media.

There are several examples of promotional sentences that are suitable for your young target consumers, including the following:

  • Selfie with X-Boba and upload it on instagram
  • Have you tried the modern drink?
  • X-Boba, young boy’s boba taste
  • Looking for slang drinks, X-boba is now available in your city
  • How do you want to hang out if you haven’t tried X-Boba?

Various boba drink franchises are no less agile in making promotional words for boba drinks. The goal is for their drinks to spread on social media and be automatically promoted easily and quickly.

2. Superior Flavor Variants

Another thing that can be used as promotional words for boba drinks is excellence in presenting flavor variants. Although the drink emphasizes the addition of sweet boba grains, the taste variants of the drink also have a place in the competitive field of fresh drinks.

Some franchises have a favorite variant of chocolate flavor. But there are also those who make matcha and thai tea the most popular flavor variants. Of course it all comes back to the taste of the buyer. Therefore, these tastes can be appointed as a combination of words for promotion of boba drinks.

Here are some examples of promotional sentences:

  • Enjoy the freshness of matcha boba drink, only at Mr. Boba
  • Nothing beats the freshness of thai tea boba
  • Super choc boba, the deliciousness can never be guessed
  • Boba brown sugar, guaranteed to make your day fresh
  • Don’t admit to being slang if you haven’t tried Boba Cheese Tea

All these sentences can be combined with the boba flavor variant that is favored by each business actor. If possible, you should include supporting images that will further visualize the freshness.

The flavor variant of boba is also something that sells, and can be explored into its own creativity by business actors. For example, by combining two flavors into one and promoting it as a best seller product. Of course, all of them must undergo a series of taste tests by business actors.

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3. Offer Popularity

The proximity of the boba world to young people certainly opens up great opportunities to further catalyze the name of their products. Young people who are synonymous with a dynamic lifestyle and want to go viral, are often used as promotional words for very selling boba drinks.

Not a few also packaged it with various interesting events, although not accompanied by prizes. Young people are usually asked to upload their selfies with this contemporary drink to their social media accounts, and instantly feel like they have become the contemporary slang generation.

Here’s an example of a promotional sentence:

  • Selfie photos while sipping Cheese Tea Boba, the 10 coolest photos will get merchandise from X-Boba
  • Don’t just walk along, spread the joy of boba through your Instagram account to get a discount coupon of up to 30 thousand rupiah.
  • It must be fun drinking boba while having a picnic. Upload the fun of drinking X-Boba at your favorite recreation area, and get merchandise from us
  • Cool drinks for cool people! Get your act together with X-Boba!
  • X-Boba’s viral photo contest in celebration of independence month!

There are many more offers that can be bundled with boba drinks, and combined into promotional words for boba drinks. In addition to enlivening social media with selfies of boba fans, business actors also get free promotions from uploading photos on social media.

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4. Sell Packaging Size

If you look at the coffee franchise business from America which is very popular with the queen logo, you will get an expert marketing trick.

So the explanation is this; the company provides 3 choices of glass sizes, with a price difference that makes consumers psychologically choose the medium size. In fact, the price offered for the medium size is quite expensive (when compared to the size carefully).

This can be an idea for promotional words for boba drinks, because not a few consumers choose to buy the right size for traveling, watching movies, or relaxing. Usually, boba business actors will only offer 2 sizes, namely small and large.

The seller will offer the small size at a price of 7,000, while the large size at 10,000 or 12,000 Rupiah. This has also shown good marketing techniques to direct consumers to buy large sizes. Because psychologically, the large size should be 2 times the small size so it should be priced at 14,000.

Now for an example sentence, you can make promotional words as follows:

  • The big one is cheaper, why buy the small one?
  • Large Thai Tea Boba for all day freshness
  • Matcha Boba sensation in a super big grip, only on X-Boba.
  • How much is enough
    ? Try the new flavor variant of X-Boba in Large Moccafreo Boba
  • Watch 2 hours? It won’t be enough with the little one.

5. Visualize Taste and Freshness

It is not easy to visualize the taste that is tasted by the tongue into a writing to be read or heard. But if it works, it will be a very spectacular boba drink promotion word.

The first time a boba drink company appears, people will ask what kind of drink they will get with a minimum price of 20,000 Rupiah. Moreover, seeing the snaking queue phenomenon to taste the drink.

This is a gap that can be achieved by business actors who are just starting their business, namely by visualizing the sweet taste, chewiness of the boba, and also the sensation of freshness that is new and different from other drinks. Show it as a tagline, the more often you hear or read it, the more it will affect consumers.

Examples are as follows:

  • The sweet taste is just right and it thrills the tongue
  • The suppleness of the boba, combined with the extraordinary freshness of X-Boba, makes your days more cheerful.
  • The sweet taste sensation that is uniquely Thai in the popular concoction of Thai Tea Boba
  • There is a refreshing delight at the end of this line!
  • Want an unsweet boba? Come over here!

There are so many creations of boba drink promotional words that can be extracted and processed into interesting promotional sentences. Being a business actor is indeed required to be creative, including packaging promotions. However, with the many advantages of the boba drink, it certainly won’t be difficult to pack it.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.