How to make a long screenshot on a Xiaomi cellphone without an application

By | April 25, 2022
How to take a long screenshot on a Xiaomi cellphone without an application – On this occasion I will share how to do a long screenshot or it can also be called a long screenshot without without an application on the cellphone xiaomi. So all things or activities on the cellphone screen can be saved as images in the form of screenshots or screenshots. This screenshot is usually used in various situations and needs, for example, if you want proof of a transaction, then you can take a screenshot as proof.

Screenshots or screenshots are also a way out to save an image if you can’t download the image. And now the screenshot trend has developed with what is called a long screenshot or long screenshot. The reason is by taking screenshots of everything related to long texts such as conversations or articles, it can be done with just one click without repeatedly taking screenshots. Well, to make your own long screen, you usually need to download an application inside google play store to help you take screenshots.

But for you xiaomi smartphone users, you don’t need to download the application again to screenshot your cellphone screen. Because the xiaomi cellphone itself already provides a screenshot feature without downloading the application. Besides being able to save your internal storage, this screenshot feature will also save your time. So you don’t have to bother looking for an application to take long screenshots. And to do so you just need to press power button + volume down button simultaneously. As long as the two buttons can still function properly, then you can take screenshots well and don’t need to download an application for screenshots. And for more details on how to take a screenshot on a xiaomi cellphone, take a good look at the following review.

How to make a long screenshot on a Xiaomi cellphone without an application:

  • First of all, prepare the xiaomi cellphone that you have.
  • Then you open it and specify what you want to do a long screenshot. It can be in an article or a conversation in a chat application. For example below I use a conversation in the WhatsApp application that I want to make as a long screenshot.
  • If so, please press knob power + volume down button simultaneously to take screenshots.
  • Then after that you will see a small screenshot on the section top right of the screen. And then you press on the thumbnail to continue. For more details then look at the image below.
How to make a long screenshot on a Xiaomi cellphone without an application
  • Furthermore, after you press the screenshot earlier, several options or image position options will appear and after that you select scroll. As in the image below.
how to take long screenshots on xiaomi cellphones easily
  • Next step please scroll down your screen up to the desired screenshot limit. And if you press finished. As seen in the following image.
how to take a long screenshot on a xiaomi phone
  • For screenshots, you can directly share or edit them first. If not, the image will automatically be saved in the folder gallery.
  • Finished. And to see what the results are like, you can see in the following image. So the result will look long.
how to make long screenshot on xiaomi android phone

OK that’s it an easy way to make long screenshots on xiaomi phones without apps. By doing a long screenshot, all the information taken from the screenshot becomes clearer.

The final word I hope this article can be useful for you. And don’t forget to also share with your other friends so they can also find out about the method above. Thank you and see you in the next post.