How to Install SAMP Addon Easily

By | December 21, 2021

SAMP Addon is a mod that aims to reduce the chance of your SAMP crash to less and even completely overcome crashes such as exception occured, suddenly DC, and so that your GTA San Andreas will run more smoothly than before.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t modded GTA San Andreas but play SAMP too, I really appreciate you, seriously. Because the name mod will come later “can be” will lead to things that are not true, such as cheats.

What are the benefits of installing the SAMP Addon? following Benefits of installing the SAMP Addon.

In essence, you will get the benefit fixes for crashes/bugs. It’s not only related to SAMP, but also to the GTA SA game itself, where a lot of things are useful for singleplayer/offline.

Oh yeah, this is not a mod huh! as explained above, this is an “addon” (like addons in Google Chrome and Firefox). So, how to install it? Check out the full details below!

1. First download the SAMP Addon

2. Once downloaded, run the installer and select your GTA San Andreas directory where SAMP is installed

If your GTA SA directory changes, just make sure you choose the directory where you also install GTA SA which has SAMP installed.

3. Then select “Full Installation” only

4. Wait for the installation process for ± 1 minute

Finished. Now you have successfully installed the SAMP Addon on your GTA SAMP.

5. Now create an empty .txt file with the format “enablefallteleport.txt” in the DocumentsGTA San Andreas User FilesSAMP folder

Why should you create this file? because as far as I know if we don’t, we will experience an obscure bug in the ingame.

How to create “enablefallteleport.txt” file in SAMP

1) Go to your GTA San Andreas User Files folder located in Documents (drive C:)

2) Then go to the SAMP folder in it, then create a file called “enablefallteleport.txt”, without quotes and no contents

How easy is it?