How to Install And Remove Windows Programs in Bulk

By | December 11, 2021

Installing and uninstalling programs can be easy and quick when it’s just one time, but what about when you need to perform these actions in bulk? This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, so we’ll teach you how to do it in a jiffy.

There’s nothing wrong with installing programs in turn from the developer’s website or using a genuine Windows uninstaller to remove them. Actually, sometimes it’s better for an incident to do it that way. But it’s not mass efficient.

Bulk Install

Installing one program may take up a few minutes of your day, but imagine how much time you’ll burn doing it over and over again. The problem is that you have to sit at the table, manually click on the instructions and download the necessary files.

This can happen when you get a new system, wipe your current system or are setting up a network of devices. There’s absolutely no need to go through repetition thanks to an amazing program called Ninite.

Ninite is a bulk installer which is easy to use and works like a charm. You simply select the program you want to install, download one executable and Ninite will do the rest.

Downloading And Using Ninite

First of all, head over to the Ninite website. You will be presented with a list of some of the most popular programs on the web – browsers, messengers, image editors, storage utilities, and more. Obviously it can’t cover everything under the sun, but chances are it will have almost everything you need.

Check the programs you want and click the bright green Get Installer button. The unique exe will compile and all you have to do is run it. That’s really it. You don’t have to press anything. Go, make a cup of tea, and everything will be installed without your input.

One great thing about Ninite is that it automatically detects the bit version of your operating system, meaning compatibility is nothing to worry about. It will also reject any bloatware the installer wants to attach, such as toolbars, meaning you get exactly what you asked for.

Ninite is a pure installer, so it won’t clog up your system. You can keep the executable running on your system – just run it again and all programs will be updated if necessary. And since all files are updated automatically by the bot, you can tell that it is the latest version.

Uninstalling in Bulk

On the opposite end of the scale, you may want to uninstall multiple programs at once. The Windows uninstaller is serviceable, but not great. Sometimes it can leave folders and data bits left; sometimes it might run into a bug that stops it uninstalling something.

There are many different programs available that will all help you mass uninstall them, but we’ll mainly look at two of the most popular.

Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller (our review) is a tool to remove programs without a trace.

Navigate to the Absolute Uninstaller website and download a free program that is still regularly updated. When you run the program, it will compile a list of everything you have installed on your system.

While you can uninstall individual programs, that’s not what we’re here for. Hit the Batch Uninstall button and a checkbox will appear next to each program. Mark everything you want to remove and hit the Uninstall Checked Program… button when you’re ready.
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Absolute Uninstaller can do much more than that. While you may know which specific programs you want, you also have the ability to sort them by recently installed, rarely used, and large. If you want to clear hard drive space or clean springs then those functions will be very useful.

IObit Uninstaller

Drop by the official website for IObit Uninstaller and download the free and awesome little file. When launched, it will show everything installed, including size, install date and version.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the uninstaller is that it looks slick, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features. To bulk uninstall, tick Batch Uninstall and a checkbox will appear in the list of programs. Tick ​​them to bin and click the glowing green Uninstall button when it’s time to go.

Like Absolute, IObit also lets you sort by recently installed, large and rarely used programs. The program has recently been updated with some powerful new options as well. If you play games on your computer, for example, then you might be surprised how much space they take up – and if you don’t play them anymore, it’s probably best to remove them from your drive.

No Need to Pay

Absolute and IObit not only work great, they are completely free. You’ll find many more uninstallers on the market, but you might be surprised to hear that some of them are valuable.

This is usually because they offer more advanced features than just the ability to bulk uninstall. While that may be helpful for some, if what you want to do is remove multiple programs at once then there’s definitely no need to pay for that to happen.

Do you think we missed Revo Uninstaller? Yes, we previously recommended it as one of the best third-party uninstallers. Unfortunately, bulk unloading is a premium feature.

Removing Installed Windows 8 & Windows 10 Apps

This one is only for those running Windows 8 or Windows 10. You may have noticed that the operating system comes with a lot of pre-installed apps. And if you have upgraded to 8.1 then that list has grown even more.

It’s fine if you take advantage of them, but some users might find them bloatware and want them gone. That’s where a handy and free utility called Windows 8 App Remover comes in. You can uninstall all Windows apps like Bing Finance, Reading List and Zune Music.

Launch the utility, select an app that’s timed to nuke, then hit Delete App. You can Select All, but that’s not recommended – it will remove some apps like Communications which can be hard to get back to if you need to. Once the process starts, it won’t be long before the app is completely removed from your system.

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