How to Install a Custom Domain ( for Blogspot

By | January 8, 2022
How to Use a Custom Domain ( on Blogspot

MChoosing the right name and domain for your website/blog is quite important, why? because the website domain name will describe the self-image of the project or product that you have. The choice of a website/blog domain name must also be unique and simple to make it easier to remember.

For blogspot users, usually so that a blog can look like it has a professional impression, blogspot users will usually migrate using a custom domain. Currently, custom domains for are in great demand because the cost of using a domain name is quite cheap and it also has a short and easy to remember sub domain name.

What is MY.ID Domain?

MY.ID domain is a type of .ID domain which is officially managed by the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (PANDI). This domain is specifically intended for personal websites, such as portfolio websites, personal blogs, or personal email addresses.

When it was first launched, the MY.ID domain registration process required verification of identity data using an ID card or passport. However, at this time, the ID card or passport verification process is no longer needed. You only need to verify that your email is still active.

Okay, for those of you who already have a domain and want to integrate that domain name into blogspot, let’s have a look at the tutorial below.