How To Increase RAM To Speed ​​Up Android Performance

By | December 24, 2021

Android ram upgrade – How how to increase ram on android easily ? First of all, we need to emphasize that basically how to increase ram on android it can not. How to increase android ram is a method used to increase RAM on an android phone, but that does not mean replacing the existing internal RAM. So, if your Android’s internal RAM is for example only 512MB, you can’t ask to upgrade your Android ram to 1GB and so on.

How to increase android ram in principle is to create virtual memory through several methods such as Swap File, Swap Partition (Linux Swap), or ZRAM. other than that adding ram android can be done by increasing the storage capacity of the internal memory or by adding RAM using an android ram enhancer application, one of which is ram manager pro which can be downloaded on the android smartphone application. How to increase android ram often done by android phone users who feel their android phone is starting to slow down so they are looking for a solution to speed up their android performance by upgrading android ram.

How to speed up Android performance so that Android is not slow, it would be better to use a safe way, so that increase ram android use how to upgrade android ram without root it’s better. And we highly recommend if you want to increase RAM capacity so that Android performance is more optimal, you can use the SD Card or memory card method, namely using an application called Swapper and the SD Booster application. The following is android ram booster app which is suitable for smartphones that have a RAM capacity that is not too large.

How to Overcome Slow Android by Adding Android Ram

how to increase android internal memory

The following is a way to speed up Android by increasing Android RAM so that the Android cellphone performance is maximized:

1. How to Increase RAM Capacity with the Swapper application

  • Download and Install Swapper Application >> Google Play download info
  • After the installation is complete, open the Swapper application.
  • Enable it in the Active Swap on Boot section.
  • Then, in the Swap File Position section, select SD Card FAT Partition.
  • After that, in the Swap File Size section, please enter the space you want to use as virtual memory, for example 2000 MB.
  • After that please save the configuration.

2. How to increase RAM capacity with the SD Booster application

  • Download the SD Booster App >> Google Play download info
  • Install the Application.
  • After the installation is complete, please open the SD Booster application.
  • In the Cache Size section, fill in the desired cache value (My recommendation: 1024 kb or 2048 kb).
  • While the value shown in the Cache Size (Current) column shows the cache value currently in use.
  • In the Check Set On Boot section, it functions so that the cache value does not automatically return to the beginning every time your device restarts.

If the above method is complicated for you or if you want a more practical way of overcoming a slow android by adding Android RAM, please download it RAM Manager app. Available for FREE and PRO versions.

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That’s the tutorial on Android phones this time that reviews about how to increase RAM capacity on android phone in the article above, hopefully our article this time can be useful for all of us. Basically adding ram android doesn’t mean you physically add internal RAM to your android phone, if you can say this is just virtual memory. Always do it in a safe way because for Overcome a slow android phone/tablet without root actually still doable. That is all and thank you ..

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