How to Identify Windows Services Delaying Shutdown or Startup

By | December 2, 2021

We all have probably read articles about optimizing the performance of our Windows to run faster and better. Today I focus on one item that can cause your Windows computer to be very slow in shutdown or startup and that is Windows Services. If some services refuse to stop or take a long time to stop, the system shutdown will be delayed. Often you just wait in front of your computer to startup or shutdown. This is annoying sometimes. But at the same time, during shutdown, your computer needs to properly close all programs and processes just to make the next startup better.

1. Identify Windows Services Delaying Shutdown

Some Windows Services may cause shutdown delays when running in the background. If they delay startup, then it results in longer boot times.

To find the Services that are causing this delay, then we may have to use the Event Viewer. Follow the steps below.

  • To open the Event Viewer, right click on Start menu or by pressing the button Win + X and select Event Viewer from list.
  • Now, in the Event Viewer window, navigate to the following section this.

Applications and Services LogsMicrosoftWindowsDiagnostics-PerformanceOperational

  • In the left pane, right click on log Operational and select Filter Current Log.
  • In the new window that appears, in the field labeled insert 203.
  • Next click OK. This will open a new section where only Events triggered during shutdown are shown.
  • Now, if you take a closer look through the list, you will find an event that says This service caused a delay in the system shutdown process.
  • In the field File Name and Friendly Name, you will find the service that is causing this problem.

2. Identify Windows Services Delaying Startup

Similarly, to identify and find the Service that is delaying Windows startup, you need to look for Event ID 103. This will list the Services that are producing a slow boot experience on your Windows.

Once you know which service is causing the problem, you can then go to the website to learn more about that Service and then can check if it is safe to disable, delay loading of a particular Service or maybe stop it. This article is very useful for managing startup programs.

That’s it for this tutorial, hopefully it will be useful and help you identify Windows Services that are delaying Shutdown or Startup on your Windows 10 or Windows 11. Don’t forget to leave your comments below to share your thoughts and experiences in following this tutorial. Thank you and GBU. UNITED AGAINST COVID-19!