How to Hide “Recommended” Files in Windows 11 Start Menu

By | December 29, 2021

This Samsul article will explain how to hide the “Recommended” file in the Windows 11 Start Menu. By default, every time you open the Start Menu in Windows 11, you will see a collection of applications there, in addition to the applications that have been pinned, there are also Recommended applications that Windows 11 is given for you to try any time.

This feature is actually a help for you to get things that you have recently opened or have used for work. In addition, this help is an option for you so that you have no trouble finding the items you have worked on in the file explorer. Unfortunately, some users find this very private and don’t need to be displayed in the Start Menu, others find it very useful and recommended.

This “Recommended” feature is highly deactivated so that your recent activity is hidden and won’t be shown there.

recommended files windows 11

If you are a student or office worker, you should keep your privacy so that other people don’t know what you are doing. Unless you have given permission and left everything open on your laptop and computer.

Are you ready? Let’s discuss the steps below

1. Recommended Files: How to hide recently opened items in the Start Menu

To hide or disable items you recently used in Windows 11, first you click Start or Windows icon, and open the icon Settings as you can see in the image below.

start menu - settings

On the window Settings, choose Personalization in the left sidebar, and scroll down until you find the tab Start.

settings - personalization - start

A new page will open for the window Start. Now on to the “Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists and File Explorer“, you slide switch icon to the left to disable it.

disable windows 11 latest files

The change will hide and disable the Recommended item from the Windows 11 Start Menu.

the recommended file no longer exists

2. How to Disable Recently accessed History with Quick access in Windows 11

When you open the file explorer, the window that will open can be a Thic PC window or Quick access. Well, the Quick access section is usually a lot of files and folders that you just accessed there. This latest history can benefit you and some feel uncomfortable with its existence. If you want to disable the recent history, then follow the steps below.

  • First you start by closing all applications.
  • open File Explorer.
  • Right click in the section Quick access and select “Show more options” or you can press Shift + F10 on the keyboard.
  • window Options folder, you will find the tab Privacy.
  • Uncheck the sections I mentioned below:

Show recently used files in Quick access

Show frequently used folders in Quick access

disable windows 11 file history

After unchecking the two options above, you will no longer find recently accessed files in the Quick access window.

If you want to delete the File Explorer history, at the bottom of the two I mentioned above, you click the button “clear

You need to know, what you have done, will not affect your web browsing history and other activities on the website. And if you want to disable tracking like this in the browser, of course you have to do it within the browser itself.


This article explains to you How to Hide “Recommended” Files in the Windows 11 Start Menu. If you find my way there is an error, then feel free to leave a comment below, I hope this helps.