How to Handle Striped Android Phone Screen

By | December 22, 2021

Overcome the lined android phone screen – How how to fix striped touch screen on android phone? The touch screen has become an important part of a cellphone, then what happens if our cellphone’s touchscreen has problems such as:

  • Android phone touch screen is off
  • Android phone touch screen flickering
  • The touch screen of the Android cellphone is cracked or just streaked on the touch screen of our Android cellphone.

If our cellphone lcd has been damaged like the example above, of course we will think that we will spend money to repair our android lcd and that’s not a small amount. Therefore this time we try to share tips to give how to fix a streaky android screen, either white or colorful stripes.

However, based on what we mentioned above, not all ways to repair the striped Android LCD screen must be replaced immediately unless there is damage to the touch screen, broken or cracked. In this article, we will discuss about how to fix a streaky android screen both on your touch screen phone or tablet. If your android phone experiences the appearance of a line or even streaks on the touch screen, it would be nice if you follow our tips, there is a possibility that your touch screen can still be overcome without having to spend a lot of money.

The following is how to overcome the mobile lcd line appears, and we will give you 3 ways so that the touch screen / touchscreen of the android tablet can be overcome. Let’s just look at the tutorial on how to remove lines on android phone screen but prepare some tools that may be needed to support the smooth running of our tips this time.

How to Handle Striped Android Phone Screen

how to fix the touch screen is streaky

For the case of dealing with the streaky touchscreen, the following are some steps that need to be taken for how to fix the streaky touchscreen. First, prepare the tools, namely:

  • Soft cloth (handkerchief)
  • Earpick (CottonBud)
  • Used toothbrush

Tutorial on how to solve a streaky screen on Android:

  1. Open the cellphone cashing when it’s on or on
  2. Gently rub over the screen on the damaged area with a cotton bud
  3. If streaked down (Vertical), rub gently from top to bottom.
  4. If it forms a circle, rub it gently in a clockwise direction.
  5. If it is striped to the side (Horiginally), rub it gently left and right.
  6. In rubbing, need a little pressure and look at the LCD will show the damaged parts like sticky.
  7. Keep rubbing for about 30 minutes. It takes patience, because if you press too much it will damage the screen surface.
  8. If so, restart the cellphone, re-install the case.

The main cause of damage to the Android cellphone screen is due to a collision or hard pressure, one of which is the Android cellphone falling. There are several causes of streaky touch screens, including:

  1. The cellphone falls too often or is hit by a hard object
  2. Too often exposed to radiation signal
  3. Too much heat
  4. The age of the screen that it’s time to replace (the cellphone is too old)
  5. Water Exposed Screen

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Thus our article about how to fix streaky android lcd screen and hopefully can provide benefits for android users whose touch screen is striped. If our post on how to deal with the touch screen appears this line doesn’t work, it would be better if we give charity to the existing cellphone service. And if your android phone screen can’t be touched because it’s exposed to water, look here to fix it, that’s all and thank you..

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