How to get rid of Windows 10’s Test Mode

By | February 22, 2022
How to get rid of Windows 10's Test Mode

Upgrading windows on a PC or laptop is something that needs to be done regularly. Besides being able to improve PC performance, upgrading Windows can also maintain data security. However, when updating, the words (watermark) often appear Test Mode on the screen that makes people confused.

What does the watermark mean? And how to get rid of Windows 10’s test mode?

Let’s see the full review.

Test Mode writing on Windows 10 is actually very diverse. In addition to this article, there are also additional Pro Build, Enterprise and others. In essence all types of writing are the same and are not a serious problem. However, there are some people who feel uncomfortable with this article, so they want to remove it.

The Meaning and Cause of the Test Mode Writing

For those who have just updated, and then the words Test Mode appears on the screen, then don’t worry, because it’s not a serious problem. Usually the watermark will appear on the right side of the screen with a size that is not too large. But for some people, this writing is quite disturbing.

This sign does not indicate that windows has not been activated, but rather a test mode version developed by Microsoft. However, this version does not have a certificate from the developer like the original.

The appearance of this text on the screen actually cannot be set by the user. So, this post appears directly, in Windows settings. Although it can’t be set at the beginning, users can get rid of it easily and quickly.

Remove Watermark on Windows

Watermarks that appear on the screen can actually be removed easily. However, users need to know that if this test mode is disabled, then the drive associated with it will automatically turn off as well.

So, before doing this step, first make sure the need for the drive, and whether it is related to Windows Test Mode.

For more details, try the method below:

1. Open CMD As Administrator

The first thing to do to get rid of the watermark that appears on the screen is to enter CMD and run it as admin. To find CMD, users just click Menu and on the Search type Command Prompt.

After appearing on the screen, right click and select the first option which the user can run as Administrator. Don’t forget to vote Yes when it appears User Account Control on the screen (before entering the black screen). If you only run CMD in normal mode, the user can’t run commands

2. Entering Commands

How to get rid of Windows 10's Test Mode

If you have successfully entered into CMD, the user will be faced with a black screen.

Here, users just enter the command they want to run. To remove or hide the Test Mode text, the user must disable the mode. Enter command Bdedit.exe-set TESTSIGNING OFF then press Enter to run it.

On the other hand, for those who need the Test Mode watermark to turn on again, enter the same command, only change the back to ON. Then press Enter.

Continue with the same steps as before if you want to turn off Test Mode again.

3. Notification Appears

How to get rid of Windows 10's Test Mode

If the command entered is correct, a notification will appear below that the operation has been successfully executed. This indicates that the entered command was executed and executed successfully.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t work, there will be no notifications or changes. Check the writing again, starting from capital letters to punctuation.

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4. Restart Device

How to get rid of Windows 10's Test Mode

If the notification above appears, how to eliminate the next Windows 10 Test Mode is to restart the PC or laptop. Then enter Windows as usual and see if the Test Mode is still there or not.

The watermark should no longer exist. But if it still appears, then try another formula or command.

5. Other Commands You Can Try

How to get rid of Windows 10's Test Mode

In general, the most widely used formula or command to turn off Test Mode.

However, if the above method has not succeeded in eliminating it, then try another command. Another command that can be tried is ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS. Next, continue with the same steps, namely restarting when a notification appears.

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6. Using the Product Activation Key

How to get rid of Windows 10's Test Mode

If all of the ways to remove Windows 10 Test Mode above have been tried, but the watermark on the screen is still not gone, then buy the product Activation Key.

When a Windows device is in use, there is no noticeable difference between Test Mode version with Activation Key version this.

The difference is only one, i.e. Activation Key already has an official license from Windows.

Meanwhile, if it says Test Mode, it means that it doesn’t have a license, which is why the watermark appears.

By purchasing an Activation Key product, users can use all drivers without having to turn the mode on or off. However, the purchase price is quite expensive when compared to the Test Mode.

After purchasing it, users can find Product Key inside it. Usually the numbers and letters can be found on the box or email if you bought it digitally. Before buying it, make sure first whether one code can be used for multiple PCs or not.

If you have got the code, just enter the code into the column Product Key, then press Enter or Next. Then Windows will be updated and users can use the device as usual.

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So, the Test Mode watermark on the Windows screen is actually no different from the real thing. It’s just that, there are some people who are bothered by how it looks because it looks fake and different from the real thing.

To get rid of it, users can use the product Activation Key but it is paid. If you want a way to get rid of the free Windows 10 test mode, then use CMD. It’s just that if you use this method, other drives will also be disabled.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.