How to Get Free Shopee SMS Delivery 2021

By | December 25, 2021
How to Get Free Shopee SMS Delivery

Here’s a guide on how to get free Shopee SMS shipping. Shopee is one of the most active e-commerce companies in terms of presenting attractive programs, which is one of the reasons why many consumers prefer Shopee over others.

Every year in the month of Ramadan, Shopee holds a special Ramadan event known as the ShopeePay Mantul Sale or SMS event. And in this event, a shopee SMS free shipping voucher is certain to be held by Shopee to welcome Ramadan in 2021.

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What is Shopee SMS Free Shipping?

Many Shopee app users still don’t understand SMS (ShopeePay Mantul Sale) free shipping vouchers, so before I go any further, I will clarify to all Shopee users. Because there are terms and conditions that must be met and things that must be done so that the voucher can be used for shopping.

Free Shipping SMS Shopee is a free shipping voucher issued by Shopee for all Shopee application users when they want to shop for goods. If you want to use a free voucher with a minimum charge of IDR 0, you have to use ShopeePay as a payment method. If you don’t complete all of that, the free SMS shipping voucher code cannot be used.

How to Get Free Shopee SMS Delivery

How to Get Free Shopee-1 SMS Delivery

So, how do you get a free shipping voucher at the SMS Shopee 2021 event? The method is simple; All you have to do is claim the Shopee free shipping voucher as usual. Here’s how to get a free Rp 0 voucher for delivery in SMS events:

  1. Open the Shopee app
  2. Join the ShopeePay Mantul Sale 2021 event
  3. Find the Shopeepay Mantul Sale promotion code
  4. Claim free shipping voucher Shopeepay Mantul Sale

Open the Shopee app: First, open the Shopee app on your phone, then join the Shopee SMS event, or you can simply click on this informasi:

Join the ShopeePay Mantul Sale 2021 Event: The ShopeePay Mantul Sale 2021 event can be accessed and found by following the Shopee SMS informasi.

Find the Shopeepay Mantul Sale promotional code: Scroll down until you find the Shopeepay Mantul Sale promotion code.

Claim a free shipping voucher for Shopeepay Mantul Sale: Click the Claim button on the Shopeepay Mantul Sale free shipping voucher, you can claim two vouchers in one day.

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Terms of Use Free Shipping SMS Shopee

To use Shopee SMS Free Shipping vouchers, you must comply with all applicable terms and conditions; otherwise the voucher will not be valid. To know more specific information, please refer to the following summary which we have prepared for you.

  • Shopee account has verified personal data.
  • Have activated ShopeePay.
  • ShopeePay balance is more than enough.
  • Already claimed the ShopeePay Mantul Sale free shipping voucher.

How to Use Shopee SMS Free Shipping Voucher

How to Get Free Shopee-2 SMS Delivery

Here’s a guide on how to use the ShopeePay Mantul Sale (SMS) free shipping voucher:

  1. Open the Shopee App.
  2. Find products according to your needs.
  3. Click Add to Cart when you have found a suitable product.
  4. Now click the basket in the upper right corner of the HP screen.
  5. Click Checkout, then tap the Voucher button then choose a free SMS shipping voucher.

That way, Shopee’s shipping costs will be reduced, then you can click the Create Order button.

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That’s a tutorial on how to get free shipping vouchers at SMS events. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.