How to Forward Whatsapp Messages Without Forwaded Or Forwarded Information

By | December 23, 2021

Chatting activities via Whatsapp have now become a common phenomenon. Besides being free, Whatsapp is very easy to use, and it supports other activities, one of which is sharing certain information.

Well, the features that Whatsapp provides to support users to share information on Whatsapp are: “Forwarded Messages”, or what we usually know as “Forward Message”.

But sometimes, some people including me want to forward a message, be it text, image or video without being noticed that the message seems to have not been forwarded from the previous person.

This is a very small thing, but I think it is very important at certain moments. For the complete method, just watch it below!

So, how do you actually forward a Whatsapp message without the “Forwaded” or “Forwarded” information?

The method is very easy, you only need to manually copy the message you want to forward to the WhatsApp contact of the recipient of the message.

It’s like copying a regular file, but blocks the text of the message you want to forward and selects the Copy option. Then, paste the copied text and send it to the recipient’s WhatsApp contact that you sent.

How can I forward a picture message without a forwarded caption?

You can easily forward images or videos on Whatsapp without any forwarded or forwarded information.

If you want to send an image or photo that was previously sent from someone else, try looking for the image or photo in the folder:

“Whatsapp → Media → Whatsapp Images”

Then, resend the image or photo so that there will be no description “Forwarded”.

How can I forward a video message without a forwarded caption?

Now if you want to forward a video message without wanting to provide information Forwarded or Forwaded, look for the video first at:

“Whatsapp → Media → Whatsapp Videos”

Then resend the video so there will be no description “Forwarded”.

I can’t find a photo or video that was previously sent by someone else, what should I do to keep sending messages without being forwarded or forwarded?

Double-check that the previous sender hasn’t deleted the photo or video message.

If you are sure that the sender has not previously deleted or canceled sending the message, then that means the photo or video is located in the Whatsapp Documents folder.

How, very easy isn’t it?