How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

By | January 1, 2022
How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

How to Flash Laptop BIOS – Motherboard is one of the important components in a PC / laptop device. In general, all motherboards on a PC have BIOS installed so that they can work when the PC is turned on.

To improve PC performance and fix annoying bugs, usually people will learn how to flash laptop BIOS to improve performance.

However, although flash bios on laptops or older devices is highly recommended, computer experts do not recommend this process to be carried out by beginners.

What’s the reason?

Because when done correctly, the performance of the device will increase. But on the contrary, if something is not right, it can damage the computer permanently and can lead to more expensive costs.

Therefore, computer experts do not recommend that beginners do this process without the help of an expert. In addition to having to know how to flash laptop bios correctly, laptop owners must know every part correctly.

The Right Way to Flash Bios

How to flash laptop bios can be done in two ways, when the laptop is on or off. There is no difference between the two methods because they are known to be equally effective and effective. However, the method most often used and commonly used by laptop owners is to turn it off.

For those of you who want to repair a laptop motherboard, consider the following steps:

1. Know the BIOS Form

How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

Before studying in more detail about how to flash laptop bios, it’s good to know the shape of the BIOS itself.

BIOS IC small square shape. The shape is quite different from other ICs, so it is easy to find. To make sure that it’s a BIOS, feel free to search the internet for an image too.

After finding the BIOS, don’t forget to look at the type used. This is to make sure the type of BIOS that will be used is correct so that the laptop can turn on again.

2. Preparing Tools & Removing the Old Bios IC

How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

Next, prepare the tool that will be used to flash the BIOS. The tools that can be used to carry out this process are actually very diverse, but one of them is Flash Programmer Mini CH341A.

In addition to preparing the tool, don’t forget the BIOS file that matches the previous mainboard. Make sure it fits because if it doesn’t match, the mainboard will be completely dead and can’t be used.

If all the tools are ready, then it’s time to remove the BIOS ic which is still attached to the laptop. To remove it, use the help of a blower or steam solder so as not to damage it.

3. Installing the BIOS IC on the Tool

How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

If you have successfully removed the BIOS IC, then install it on Flash Programmer Mini CH341A. Install it the small round part in the BIOS IC to the red cable contained in the tool.

Once installed correctly, then proceed with installing the program to the computer. However, make sure beforehand already installed the Mini CH341A program on your PC or laptop. If the indicator light is red, it means the tool can be used.

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4. Open the Programmer Application

How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

If everything is in order, then it’s time to open the application CH341A Mini Programmer.

Before continuing the process, click Detect Ship which is at the bottom of the screen. Later, the brand of chip used, its capacity and contents will immediately appear on the screen. For those who want to see the contents in more detail, then click Read Data From Chip on the left of the screen.

If you want to save or backup data, then click the picture of the open envelope with the red arrow.

And if you want to open or save the file back to the IC BIOS, then click the same image but with a blue arrow. Later, a code of letters and numbers will appear on the screen.

However, when opening the file no code appears, it could be that the chip is damaged. If this is the case, then don’t continue the process and take it to the experts.

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5. Save File & Reinstall IC BIOS

How to Flash Laptop BIOS Correctly, Check it out!

If the file that appears is correct, then save the file in the IC BIOS by clicking Write Chip which is usually represented by a paper-to-chip arrow.

Next, wait for the writing process to the IC BIOS. Make sure not to use the PC for anything else so that the process is not interrupted. The total time required for this process is usually about 5 minutes.

If the data has been successfully transferred and saved, then it’s time to remove the BIOS IC and put it back on the motherboard. Install it in its original position to avoid damaging the motherboard.

If it has been re-installed correctly, then restart the laptop and use it as usual.

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Things that must be considered

At first glance, how to flash laptop bios looks easy and simple. When done correctly, the process is fast and easy. However, in the process, make sure to do each step correctly.

The first example, pay attention to how to properly remove the chip. Removing the chip from the tool looks easy, but if you are not used to it, the chip can break and be damaged. Therefore do this step slowly.

Next, make sure that the data to be written and stored on the chip is in accordance with the brand and type. If not, then the motherboard will actually be damaged and the laptop will not turn on again. So, if you’re not sure how to do it, it’s better not to do it.

That’s a glimpse of how to flash a laptop BIOS that can be done to improve laptop performance. Even though it looks easy, make sure you do the steps correctly. In addition, make sure the data and BIOS used are in accordance with the needs of the laptop.

Hope it is useful.