How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi 5a Hp Speaker (Anti-Fail)

By | December 1, 2021
How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi 5a Hp Speaker (Anti-Fail)

One of the obstacles for smartphone owners is the damage to the loudspeaker. How to fix the Xiaomi Redmi 5a cellphone speaker is probably the most sought after because it is a type of cellphone that can experience interference. Immediately going to a service center seems like the best solution but there are risks there.

An example is when you take it to an unauthorized repair center, when the problem can’t be completely resolved, the device is permanently damaged. So, it’s a good idea to try the methods that will be described here before disassembling the phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Most Common Speaker Damage

Loud speaker failure is not something that happens instantly or immediately. There are symptoms that previously existed but were not noticed by the user. The most frequent example is the presence of a thin scraping sound when listening to audio. At first it was faint but over time it became more obvious.

Just pay attention when you’re watching a video, for example, the sound is not clear or like breaking. This means that there is already a problem with the speakers. Then when you’re listening to music, it gets slower even though the volume isn’t at home. This is also an early symptom that eventually causes a complete loss of voice.

There are many causes of speaker damage ranging from settings on the device, falling from a height that causes the speaker membrane to crack, and being exposed to water. Then, lack of maintenance such as leaving this area dusty and often playing audio at very loud volume. This kind of treatment can damage the speakers.

How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi 5a Hp Speaker

Bringing to a repair place is the last option, it’s good for cell phone pickers to make their own repairs in subtle ways. Disassembling the device carries risks such as spreading damage. Moreover, if the reinstallation is not correct alias carelessly. The following are prevention, checking, and repairing damaged loudspeakers:

1. Perform Speaker Area Cleaning

Oil, dust, other debris, as well as liquids can stick to the area around the loudspeaker. The origin can be from anywhere but most often, of course, the owner’s hands. For that, be diligent in cleaning but not with a wet cloth or tissue because it can cause a short circuit.

Choose a soft toothbrush to clean it, brush gently until dust and dirt come out. Then, use a small microfiber towel to wipe the previously cleaned surface. Do this regularly to prevent damaging the speakers.

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2. Use Third Party Apps

Setting music, video, or movies at maximum volume is often the cause of damaged speakers. For that, switch this function to another software only. The point is to rest the speakers that are continuously used. The trick is to simply download the Mx Player app and then install it.

After downloading, go to device settings and put a tick on Audio Player. After that, try playing whatever sounds with the application and activate the SW Audio Decoder. Listen to the difference, it will appear louder and cleaner without the need to be loud or damage the built-in speakers.

3. Use the Second Speaker

Users who don’t know, this cellphone has two loudspeakers, namely the main one at the top, and at the bottom of the cellphone there is another speaker. Download an additional application called SoundAbout to be able to connect the two. Play songs, videos, or movies with output options using this app, and listen, it will sound clearer.

4. Perform Hardware Test

Do not immediately panic and jump to the service center when there is a strange sound in the speaker. Try checking the device first. What usually happens is that the user has removed the headset but the symbol still appears on the screen. As a result, the sound of the music playing is not clear.

Go to the About phone menu from the settings then press 5 times in the Kernel Version option. The system will direct you to the Hardware Test page. There, the Speaker selection will be displayed along with three other menus that can be determined as needed. For example, choose Female. Next, restart and play the music or video again. Notice the change in his voice.

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5. Reset Device

Interference with software installed on a smartphone can be the cause of speaker damage. The voice becomes shrill, unclear, even lost. Try restarting the phone, leave it for a while, then turn it back on.

6. Take it to an Authorized Service Center

If the five methods above do not work, maybe it should be left to the experts. Especially if there is still a warranty on the phone, this is the best option. But the problem is, once the warranty is up, the repair costs are usually very high. However, rather than spreading to other components, it is better to try taking it to a designated workshop.

Can You Disassemble It Yourself?

If this is the question, then the answer is possible, depending on the guts and knowledge of the user. As said above, if the warranty period has passed, the service fee can be very expensive and not worth the price of the cellphone. Users often want to repair their devices themselves.

This method can be tried if you dare. Namely by opening the back of the phone under the casing. Try not to use a metal screwdriver because it can scratch the body. If it is removed, then remove the speaker cover under the battery. Remove all the bolts and lift the cover that covers them.

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The speaker will appear, then slowly release. Take a multimeter, do a test if there is a connection that is not installed. If you don’t have this tool, it is advisable to buy it first. If it is disconnected, of course this component must be replaced by buying a new one.

Well how? You dare to try it? hehe

How to fix the xiaomi redmi 5a cellphone speaker above can be applied when there is interference in the loudspeaker. Hopefully it’s useful.