How to Fix Xiaomi Battery Percentage Not Appearing on MIUI 7/8/9

By | December 16, 2021

Battery Percentage – How how to display battery percentage on Android phone ? For xiaomi users, whether it’s MIUI 7, 8 or 9, they are often confused about the reasons Why can’t the battery indicator appear on my xiaomi phone? which he has.

Actually, the purpose of displaying the percentage of cellphone battery is so that you can get a more accurate display than the graphical display. Then how how to solve a xiaomi cellphone that doesn’t show the battery percentage display the ?

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Therefore at this meeting Smartphone Solution will provide a guide for xiaomi users who don’t know how to change the battery display to this percentage. Let’s just see where setting location to show battery percentage on xiaomi phone the following.

How to show the battery percentage in all types of Xiaomi cellphones

  How to Fix Xiaomi Battery Percentage Not Appearing on MIUI 7/8/9

So for those of you who don’t know how to display the Xiaomi cellphone battery indicator in percentage form, please refer to the following reviews:

Steps to Change Battery Indicator Display in MIUI 7/8/9

  1. The first step we need to do is open the Xiaomi HP Settings menu. After that, swipe the screen down and look for the Additional Settings menu
    how to display battery percentage on xiaomi phone
  2. Then after going into additional settings, the next step tap the Battery & Performance option
    How to Fix Xiaomi Battery Percentage Not Appearing on MIUI 7/8/9
  3. Then continue by selecting the Battery Indicator option
      How to Fix Xiaomi Battery Percentage Not Appearing on MIUI 7/8/9
  4. After that, three choices of battery display modes will appear, namely Graphical, Percentage, and Top Bar
  5. Please select the Percentage mode to display the battery percentage on the Xiaomi cellphone that we have
  6. Now let’s see, the battery will appear as a percentage and the battery condition bar will be visible at the top

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We need to know that to make the Xiaomi cellphone battery display appear how many % of the remaining power is not a difficult matter. However, there are several things that cause the battery display on a xiaomi cellphone to not be changed in the form of a percent, including:

Cause the Xiaomi cellphone battery percentage can’t appear

  • Don’t know the location of the battery display settings
  • Xiaomi cellphone version asks for notification
  • The use of a theme that does cover the battery percentage display

But if we have activated the battery display setting but the percentage still doesn’t appear, try swiping down on the screen. Often the percentage display does not appear because it is cut off by the notch / notification.

So if this is indeed the case, the next step in order to be able to bring up the battery percentage of the xiaomi android cellphone is to change the theme of the cellphone.

Thus our meeting this time, which just discussed how to change the display of the battery indicator on the xiaomi cellphone. Hopefully our meeting this time can help those of you who are experiencing battery problems on Android phones, such as the cellphone in the charge is even less. That is all and thank you ..

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