How to Fix Unreadable Sim Card (SIM CARD) on Android Phone

By | December 24, 2021
SIM Card Unread – How how to solve an android phone whose SIM card is not read ? The SIM card or what is often known as the SIM card, of course, cannot be separated from problems such as not being detected on an Android phone or smartphone sim card no service. Conditions where the SIM card is damaged is often marked by the appearance of a notification that the sim card is not inserted, undetected SIM or the sim card slot is not detected.

Then why can’t the sim card be read on an android phone? Not a few of the reasons why Android phones can’t detect the damaged sim card. For example, changing the sim card too often causes a short circuit or wear on the connector, causing the connector to no longer be able to read the chip from the SIM card.

Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to provide some information about the android phone which only shows an emergency call signal. Therefore, let’s just take a look at the full review about how to solve sim card no signal on android phone in the review below.

5 Ways to Fix a Sim Card That Has No Service on an Android Phone

How to fix an Android phone whose sim card is not read

Here we will give some causes of HP SIM card can not be read on android phone screen which often happens, before we will start the steps to perform cell phone service lost signal.

For more details, let’s just take a look at the steps to fix an android phone that can’t read a SIM card as follows:

Causes of Invisible SIM Card on Android Phone

  1. The Age of Using a SIM Card That Is Too Long, although SIM cards have varying lifespans, we need to know that the plastic and brass materials on the SIM card will degrade from 3 to 5 years.
  2. Broken SIM Card Brass, it is necessary for us to know that changing the SIM card too often can cause the sim card to be unreadable. This is because there is too much friction that causes the SIM card to be damaged
  3. SIM Card Conditions That Are Too Hot

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After we know the factors that cause the SIM Card to be damaged, let’s just look at the full review of the solution for the cellphone unable to detect the sim card as follows:

How to Solve Android Phone No Service Because SIM Card Can’t Be Read

Clean SIM Card

  1. The first step we need to do is to turn off the android phone first
  2. After the condition of the android phone is completely dead, remove the SIM card from the android phone
  3. Then we clean the SIM card from dirt or dust attached

Switch Using Another SIM Card

How to fix an Android phone whose SIM card is not read
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The next step that we need to do if the first step still makes the cellphone signal not appear is to replace a new SIM card. If you use another SIM card, it can even be detected on the Android cellphone, it can be ascertained that there was damage to the previous SIM card.

Check SIM Card Slot

However, if the sim card connector still looks good, there is a possibility that the sim card cannot be read on the android phone, it could be because it is just covered in dirt, so to fix it, it is enough to just clean the sim card holder.

Our advice if you are going to clean the simcard connector, you should use a contact cleaner so that the crust attached to the connector can be peeled off and clean so that it doesn’t get in the way anymore when the connector meets the SIM card.

Reset SIM Card Network

How to set the network in accordance with the SIM Card, namely:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Mobile Network
  3. Select Network Operator
  4. Select Search Network/Network
  5. After that, for a while until several options appear, then choose the network operator that matches the SIM card that you installed

If we use the method above then we only need to make sure the APN settings on the SIM card that we are using are.

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Contact Customer Service

If we have done all of the methods above, but the Android phone still continues to make emergency calls, the step we need to do is to contact the customer service for the damaged SIM card.

And if the condition of the SIM card can no longer be used, customer service will often suggest replacing the SIM card

Here are some checking tips to overcome A phone or tablet that doesn’t read a SIM card. Although the article above only contains how to check, at least if we take it to the service center we can tell the source of the problem cell phone signal is often lost
because the sim card is not detected. Hopefully our article this time can provide many benefits to all of us, thank you so much.