How to Fix Notifications Not Appearing On OPPO SMARTPHONE

By | May 5, 2022
Oppo phone notification – How how to fix oppo notifications not showing up in the status bar ? As Oppo smartphone users, of course we have experienced problems oppo notification not coming out even though there are messages and notifications coming in on applications such as WhatsApp, BBM, Line, Facebook, Instagram and other messengers and social media. Where is the notification of the lost oppo cellphone, we know when incoming messages only appear / exit only when entering the line application only. So how do you fix the notification line doesn’t appear on the Oppo android phone?

Basically, the cause of Oppo smartphone notifications not appearing on the status bar, not sounding or not vibrating is because ColorOS on Oppo phones adds a Security feature. Where this feature has a function as a filter on which applications are allowed to get certain permissions to run, for example to run in the background using hardware processes such as cameras. Then, how how to show notification on oppo phone that doesn’t come out? So we don’t need to panic when the notification doesn’t appear on the Oppo cellphone, which occurs only in the Line, WhatsApp and BBM applications, but also in other applications.

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Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to share tips to make notification settings on the Oppo cellphone so that the missing notification problem can be resolved immediately. In addition to the security features on the ColorOS Oppo smartphone, there are still many reasons why there are no BBM notifications on Oppo, for example, such as:

  • Notification permission has been deactivated or not activated
  • Cache files that accumulate and cause the application to crash
  • App crashes, as well as
  • ColorOS system crash

For that, let’s just take a look at the full review about Notification Solution Not Entering On Oppo Smartphone below this.

How to Fix Notifications Not Appearing On OPPO SMARTPHONE

how to fix oppo notifications not showing up

To make notifications on oppo phones appear in the status bar of the android screen and back to normal there are several steps that we need to do. The tutorial that we will give this time you can try and apply to all types of OPPO SMARTPHONE, such as OPPO A37, Oppo A59, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo A53, Oppo A33, and other OPPO devices. Without waiting any longer, let’s just see how to setting oppo notifications to bring up missing notifications these below.

Overcome OPPO Phone Notifications That Don’t Appear and Don’t Sound

1. Clear App Cache

how to fix oppo notifications not showing up

The easiest step as a solution for Oppo notifications not showing up is to clean cache files on applications that don’t show notifications. For example, if the Instagram notification does not come out then we can try to clear the cache on the Instagram application, as well as for other Oppo smartphone applications. However, to clean cache files to make it faster and more optimal, we can use the help of the Cleaner application which can be downloaded via Google Play Android. The following are the steps for clearing cache on OPPO phones, including:

  • Go to Settings menu >> Additional Settings >> Application Management >> Find “App Name” >> Then tap “Clear Cache”

2. Check Notification Sound and Vibration Settings

oppo notification not showing

In addition, so that the Oppo cellphone makes a sound and vibrates when a notification comes in, we must activate the settings. For we need to make sure the sound and vibration on the notification is active. In short, let’s follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings menu >> Notifications and Status Bar >> Manage Notifications >> Select “APP NAME” >> Enable “Notification Sound and Vibration”

3. Allow Apps to Run in the Background

To do this setting, what we need to remember is to enter the security center application, not the settings menu. Here’s how to allow applications to run in the background that we can try, including:

  • Go to Security Center Application >> Privacy Permission >> Startup manager >> then look for the application that has a problem with notifications and make sure the application is activated, if not activate it by sliding the icon on the right.

4. Turning off the Freeze feature of applications running in the background

  • Go to Settings >> Battery >> after that swipe down by looking for the application that has a problem with notifications, if there isn’t one select the “Others” menu.
  • After that, look for the problematic application (eg BBM, WeChat, Line, etc.) >> once selected, turn it off in the Freeze background apps setting by sliding the icon on the right to the left.

5. Disable the Automatic Cleaning Feature

  • Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Application Management.
  • After that, see the menu below, there is a Default Application and Automatic Cleaning menu, select the Automatic Cleaning menu >> select turn off the Automatically clear apps running in the background feature.

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6. Enable Notifications On Certain Apps

how to fix oppo notifications not showing up

For a solution to overcome application notifications not appearing on the Oppo cellphone, this time we can check certain applications that do not provide notifications. For example, LINE does not appear notifications, so we can check the LINE application, especially the Notifications feature. Follow the steps below to make it easier for us to fix application notifications not coming out on Oppo smartphones, as follows:

  • Open LINE App >> Settings >> Notifications >> Enable or Tick “Notifications”

7. Turn off the Self Diagnosis Frequency feature

  • Enter Settings (Settings)
  • Then select the Security center menu
  • After entering the Security Center menu, turn off the Self diagnosis frequency feature.

Thus 7 ways to fix Oppo notifications not appearing on the status bar that we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully the above method can provide benefits for all of us as users of the Oppo Android smartphone, thank you so much..