How to Fix Error Your network settings are blocking party chat [0x89231806]

By | December 10, 2021

Some Xbox users are complaining about error code 0×89231806 whenever they try to chat on the Xbox app. This error is very annoying because it prevents them from using the party chat feature in the first place.

Party Chat is a very useful feature when playing games, as it provides the possibility of communicating with teammates and gives you an advantage in matches. Without it, players are forced to play without having a conversation and that’s obviously very detrimental.

If you look at the error message that is displayed that says Your network settings are blocking party chat [0x89231806], then that explains that the problem lies with the network used to connect the party chat and of course it’s related to the wrong network settings which end up blocking the party chat. However, many users report that they have no problem using the internet for other purposes, including online gaming.

Fixed Your network settings are blocking party chat [0x89231806]

So, what is the real meaning of this error? This can occur when the internet connection between the Xbox video game console and another member of the chat party fails and this usually occurs due to an incompatibility with the Network Address Translation (NAT) type.

So to solve this problem, there are some ideas below that you can follow to get back to talking to other people in party chat. Let’s discuss how to solve this problem in more detail.

1. Check Your Network Address Translation (NAT) Type

The first thing you want to do in this situation is check your NAT type. Press the Xbox button on the controller, then open Profile & system – Settings – General – Network settings. Now, under the section that says Current Network Status, click NAT Type.

2. Check If You Get This Error

If after looking at your NAT Type, you start to encounter the following errors, it’s time to do some troubleshooting.

  • NAT Type: Unavaible (shown under Current Network Status on the Network screen).
  • Can’t get a Teredo IP address (shown after running Test multiplayer connection in Network Settings screen).

3. NAT Type: Unavailable

In cases where you may see NAT Type: Unavailable, the best option to take here is to jump into your router settings.

This problem arises in most cases because Teredo cannot get an IP address. For those of you wondering, Teredo is a network protocol used to establish secure communication between clients and servers and to facilitate secure network connectivity between devices behind routers using network address translation (NAT).

To fix this problem, you are prompted to find the IPv6 settings on your router, then find Allow Teredo tunneling and Allow IPv6 tunneling. If you find any of the options above, then make sure they are both enabled.

4. Double NAT detected

If your home network uses routers and gateways, then this option could be the only way to fix the problem. The idea is to put your gateway into Bridge Mode if your router and gateway are using NAT.

If so, they will result in double NAT, and this can cause difficulties in joining party chats.

Chances are, you may have to look at your device’s documentation to learn how to disable double NAT and error 0×89231806.

Finally, return to the Xbox menu and navigate to Profile & system – Settings – General – Network settings – Test NAT Type. If you see that your NAT Type is Open, means you are on the right track.

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