How to Find the Location of a Lost Android Phone

By | December 2, 2021

How to find a lost cellphone – At our meeting this time, we will try to share information that raises the topic of how-to tips how to find lost android phone stolen or dropped on the road. At times like today, you don’t have to worry too much when you’re having trouble, namely your Android phone is lost because it fell or you just forget where the phone is or it has been stolen, because the features that exist on Android phones are now more sophisticated so we can find and track the whereabouts of the position of the android phone us without having to use security applications on our smartphones.

Before we discuss more deeply about how to find a lost android phone, the first preparation we have to do for android users is to always activate the features of the Google settings application. If the lost android phone has not registered a gmail account and the GPS on the cellphone is not active, it will be difficult to find out the location because in the process of tracking the system will use GPS location accuracy. And here we will guide how to activate the Google settings feature:

  1. The first step is to activate GPS and make sure there is a data connection.
  2. After that open the menu Google Settings.
  3. Then to be able to activate google settings, please tap the menu android device manager.
  4. Click on the menu option Remotely Locate This Device and Allow Remote Lock and Factory Reset.

How to Find the Location of a Lost Android Phone

how to find a lost cellphone when it's off

One of the conditions for your android smartphone to be accurately detected is when all the above settings have been done on the lost android phone. Therefore, to anticipate before we lose our favorite Android smartphone / tablet, do the steps above, and in the following, let’s try to prove how to track a lost Android phone even though the sim number has been replaced / inactive by the method Android Device Manager :

  • First of all enter visit the site
  • After that, enter your Gmail USER and PASSWORD correctly according to what you have registered on the lost android phone.
  • After that a display / notification will appear click ‘Accept‘ or ‘accept‘.

Wait a while then the position of your lost android smartphone will soon be found in an accurate location. Android Device Manager actually not only limited to tracking the location of a lost android smartphone, but also has advantages in it and you can activate it, other advantages that ADM has are:

1. You can ring the lost cellphone for a few minutes with a volume that you can control remotely.
2. Then you can also lock the lost stolen phone permanently and only you can unlock it again.
3. The last thing is that even from a remote location from your lost android smartphone / tablet, you can also delete all files and personal data on it using another phone.

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Thus our meeting this time that has reviewed tips about how to find the location of a lost android phone. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits for all of us, whether for those who are looking for their lost cellphone or those who want to anticipate before all this happens. That is all and thank you ..

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