How to find the address of a house location on Google Maps whose address is not yet known

By | December 8, 2021

Looking for an address with Google Maps where the address is unknown? Hah?

Duh, how about finding an address that we don’t even know the address for? really can.

I have never made an article that is sweet in the title but bitter in it. Just take a look below on how to do it!

Tips for finding the location of a house with Google Maps whose address you don’t know

1. Activate Satellite mode on your Google Maps

Why use Satellite mode instead of wasting quota? Please note that you will definitely find it difficult if you find an address on Google Maps with Map mode.

Apart from showing only 2D streets, the map mode is also not very reliable in these situations, unless you know the way.

Therefore, using Satellite mode is mandatory when looking for addresses with Google Maps, especially if you don’t know the area.

2. Maximize the use of Street View features

Street View is a feature that in my opinion is a breakthrough feature from Google that is very extraordinary.

Honestly, this feature often helps me in knowing a certain direction or route which I didn’t know before.

3. Maximize the feeling of the place where the address of the house you are looking for

If the Street View feature is not suitable for you, then there are other alternatives, namely imagination using feeling.

The feeling here is more inclined towards “matchology”, where you have to imagine connecting one street to another, and so on until you get an idea of ​​where the house you want to find is.