How to Find Suppliers on Tokopedia for Beginners

By | December 29, 2021
How to Find Suppliers on Tokopedia for Beginners

For business actors, especially producers, the existence of suppliers is very important to support business continuity. To get a good partner, you need research and the process of comparing one to another.

Fortunately, how to find suppliers on Tokopedia can help beginners find a reliable supplier partner.

Generally, manufacturing businesses are the ones most closely related to suppliers. Although the service business cannot be separated from the existence of this supplier. Because of its vital role, business people must cooperate with suppliers whose performance can really be trusted.

Then, how can e-commerce like Tokopedia be used to find partners to supply raw materials?


Importance of Supplier Existence

Suppliers play a very important role because they are the first part of the supply chain chain. Having the main function as a provider of production raw materials, its role does not stop here.

The supplier must also ensure the quality of the goods before they are sent and ensure they are stored properly. It also arranges for shipments to be received on time.

The existence of suppliers is very important because it is also a benchmark for the availability of production goods. This supplier’s work begins with a request for raw materials by the company which is usually carried out by the purchasing department.

After that, the requested goods will be sent according to the agreed schedule. Everything must be right because it relates to the production process.

For this reason, it is important for a company to collaborate with reliable and credible suppliers. In a sense, the supplier must be able to guarantee the availability of goods and send them on time in good condition. And this is very important to note.

Delivery delays and the absence of raw materials can disrupt the production process. This can result in a product void in the market.

Tokopedia is a Convenient Place to Find Suppliers

As an e-commerce that is very well known to the public, it turns out that its function is not only to buy finished goods, you know. Business people can search for any supplier they want on this platform. For small business owners, Tokopedia can be used as a place to find suppliers because they can buy in small quantities first.

In addition, there are various payment features ranging from cash to maturity, installment schemes with or using a credit card. This benefit is certainly very helpful for online shop businesses or small shops. In addition, it can also be used for those who run a dropshipping business.

Here you can almost find suppliers for all kinds of goods. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large party. Everything is there and users only need to enter keywords in the search field.

However, the number of suppliers that have the same product can make users overwhelmed in choosing. It takes patience and thoroughness to compare one supplier to another on Tokopedia.

Fortunately, there are features Star Seller and Gold Merchant in e-commerce for sellers with good reputation. As an initial filter, use this as a benchmark in choosing a trusted supplier.

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How to Find a Credible Supplier at Tokopedia

If you don’t have a supplier partner at all and your business is still relatively small, this e-commerce can be used as a hunting ground. There are many sellers who also serve as providers of various types of raw materials. But so as not to be confused about choosing, let’s follow the following ways.

1. Determine Needs

The first way to find suppliers on Tokopedia is to first see what the needs are. For example, your business is making crafts and you need raw materials such as cloth, buttons, thread, etc., so search for all of these in the fashion category or directly type the items you need in the search field.

Then, also identify whether the business being run is a reseller or dropship scheme. If you are a dropshipper, then look for sellers who provide this option. The reason is, there will be differences in quantity or minimum purchases from suppliers who serve resellers.

2. Choose Sellers who are Actively Responding to Purchases

There are many suppliers at Tokopedia and it can make beginners confused which one to choose.

The easiest way is to see how active the seller is in responding to buyer comments or questions. Usually, this type of seller already has a badge Gold Merchant and will appear at the top of the search catalog.

At least, merchant activity must be visible at least in the past 3 days. More than that, then do not be selected.

Punctuality and fast response must be the main points when hunting for suppliers on Tokopedia. Considering this activity, it also aims to mitigate when later there are complaints about delays, or damage to goods sent.

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3. Check Reviews from Buyers

Testimonials from previous customers are very important to decide whether a supplier can be trusted or not. From here, it can also be seen whether the seller sells quality goods or not.

Then how is the condition of the product when it is received by consumers. Usually, previous buyers will be critical when they find things that don’t fit.

So, don’t miss reading the comments or reviews, because that’s where the supplier’s service reflects. Sometimes consumers don’t always give reviews, but there are stars that can be used as benchmarks. If the service is satisfactory, the seller will usually get a score of 5 stars from the buyer.

4. Test By Buying Sample

To prove the truth of the testimonials and also the quality of service and products, you can try to buy in small quantities first. There are suppliers that allow unit purchases, but there are also those that require a minimum order. Think of this as miscellaneous expenses that must be incurred.

Buying samples is also useful to see firsthand what the product looks like, whether it meets expectations and needs or not. Often what is in the description is not what is received. So, instead of being disappointed and having spent a lot of budget, it’s better to make a small purchase first.

5. Check the Purchase Rules Set by t
he Supplier

On average, suppliers who sell their goods on Tokopedia include purchasing regulations in their descriptions. For example, how to order, minimum purchase, to the delivery method provided.

Some sellers also write that delivery can only be done via Gojek or Grab. Likewise with the rules regarding product returns that do not match.

It’s easy to find suppliers on Tokopedia, but read these rules carefully so that there are no mistakes in buying. It’s a good idea to ask the seller for things that are not clear first through the comments column.

Responsive suppliers will usually answer any questions. And this can be a benchmark for you in choosing a supplier later.

6. Don’t Stick to One Provider

At Tokopedia, business actors are free to choose who will be their suppliers. It is recommended, to support the smooth running of the business and maintain supply, then have more than 1 supplier.

Look for a provider of the same type, both in terms of quality, type, and delivery method. In this way, the production and business processes remain smooth (without any doubt the raw materials are not delivered or not available).

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Those are some ways to find suppliers on Tokopedia that you can click on. Feel free to compare and do delivery tests to find out the quality of products and services.

No need to worry about small capital, shopping on this one e-commerce can be done with many choices of payment methods, both credit and cash.

Hope it is useful.