How to find out the Indihome number easily, check it out!

By | April 14, 2022

How to Find Out Indihome Number Easily – Indihome is a service product owned by Telkom. So Indihome provides various communication and data services to the community.

Examples such as landlines,, internet networks, etc.

One of the most widely used Indihome services by the Indonesian people is its internet service. And this is a natural thing, because everyone’s internet needs continue to increase from time to time.

Especially during the current pandemic. Automatic internet use is increasing because almost all activities are carried out online. For example, for the purposes of online learning for school children, office work, teachers, and various other needs to communicate via the internet.

Now, because of the increasing need for the internet, it makes many people start thinking about saving money. They began to think about how to get internet service at a relatively cheaper price. (Btw, to be honest, the author has been thinking about that for a long time. So now the Indihome network has been installed in my house). ️

So instead of spending money to buy a data package that is quite expensive (but the internet quota is limited), it’s better to use an unlimited wifi package from Indihome instead.

How to find out the Indihome number easily, check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Indihome

Why is the Indihome internet package the right choice for families?

Because the price offered by Indihome is more friendly to the contents of the wallet. In addition, the data package is also unlimited for a month. It’s just that, when you decide to use Indihome’s wifi, then that means you have to pay the bill every month.

So when you make a payment, of course you have to know what the Indihome number is. Because when you are going to pay the bill to the nearest Alfamart or Indihome agent, surely the officer will ask for your Indihome internet number.

Likewise, when you want to make payments yourself (via m-banking), of course you will also need the Indihome number. Therefore, it is important for you to know the Indihome number.

So do you know what your Indihome number is?

If you don’t know, then let’s read the contents of this article to the end.


How to Check IndiHome Subscriber’s Internet Number

There are several ways to find out the Indihome number. You can choose the method that you think is easiest. Let’s look at some of the following ways.

Via Indihome Official Site

The first way to find out the Indihome number is by using the official Indihome website. It’s very easy. First, please open the Indihome website. The website address is at

Then login to your account. Indihome provides two login methods that you can choose, namely using email, or the cellular phone number (cell phone) that you use. If you log in with your mobile number, then there will be an OTP code that will be sent via SMS to your cellphone.

After you login using your phone number, then just select Menu (located in the right corner). Next select the status Subscriber, then select Indihome Internet. Now in this section you will be able to see the Indihome number. This site not only functions to view Indihome numbers, you know, but also to view your monthly billing costs, etc.

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Via Wifi Router Modem

The second way to find out the Indihome number is through a wifi router modem. Before starting this method, first make sure your device is connected to a wifi network.

Then please access IP Modem Router on the Indihome wifi network. That is by typing or to the browser you are using. This method can be done on various devices, both computers and laptops.

Then you can enter Admin Password. If you are logged in, then you can go directly to Interface Setup, then select Internet. Now, the Indihome number you are looking for, you can find in the section Username.

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Via the myIndiHome App

The way to find out the next Indihome number is to use the application myIndihome.

You can download this application first on the Play Store or App Store.

If it is installed perfectly, then just open the application. If you have previously registered, then you just need to log in. But if you have never registered, then please register first.

You can choose one method to register, whether to register using a mobile number or by email. After you have successfully registered, then tap the icon Menu (which is on the left of the top corner), then select status Subscriber. Later the Indihome number you are looking for will be displayed in the subscription status menu.

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From email

How to find out the next Indihome number is via email. Email is one of the communication media used by many people, especially business people. And of course Indihome also uses email, so it can help those of you who want to know your Indihome number.

So when you just subscribe to Indihome, you will usually be given an email containing data about the customer, the Indihome package you chose, telephone service number, internet, etc. Now from the data listed in the email, you can find the Indihome number.

Via Official Twitter Account

How to find out the next Indihome number is to use Indihome’s official Twitter account. How to follow their account first TelkomCare.

Then you can send a message via DM to the account. Now you can directly ask your needs, namely information about the Indihome number installed in your home.

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Via Indihome Service Number

The way to find out the last Indihome number is by directly calling the Indihome service. This step is also very easy. But of course you have to prepare enough credit to make calls.

The trick is to visit the referensi from Indihome (you can find it in the application and the website, namely in the Indihome Help Center). You can directly call Indihome customer service at number 147. Or if you want to be more practical, then you can take advantage of the live chat feature on their official website.

So for you Indihome users, there is one more important tip. That is to continue to secure the Indihome wifi network that you are using. The trick is to create a complex password combination. This is so that your wifi network is not easily hacked by others.

Those are some ways to find out your Indihome number. Just choose between the methods above which you think is the easiest to do.

Hopefully it can be useful and see you again in the next interesting article.

Author by : Bang izal.