How to find out the color code in an image with Adobe Photoshop

By | December 18, 2021

Usually, the coloring system on certain websites or applications uses a coloring system with a HEX code, or also known as a color code.

Color coding is very important to know, especially if you are a graphic designer or a Blogger.

This color code is often difficult for graphic designers or bloggers and others who deal with images.

That is, the most difficult point of finding a color code is the time when we are told to know and must wear the same color as the color in a certain sample image.

Honestly, if you don’t know how, I admit that it’s very difficult to find or find out the color code if it’s only from a certain sample image.

But I have a way for you to easily find out the specific color code in the image in Photoshop! So just take a look at how to do it below!

1. Open your image with Adobe Photoshop

2. After that, select “Eyedropper Tool” (Or press the shortcut key I)

3. Click the eyedropper to the color in the image you want to know the code for

4. Open it and click the color you chose earlier in the “Color Picker” (Foreground Color)

5. After that copy the code located at the bottom center of the Color Picker menu and you’re done

How, very easy is not it? If you have anything to ask, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!