How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge

By | December 16, 2021
How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge Browser

Here’s a guide on how to enable picture in picture (PiP) mode in Microsoft Edge browser. Working on multiple tabs in Microsoft Edge and want to see a video? Microsoft Edge has a solution for you with the ‘Picture in Picture (PiP)‘. In PiP mode, a small overlay window is launched to play the video and you can operate it independently of the browser. Now, you can watch videos while switching through multiple tabs.

Picture in Picture mode is also supported by many other browsers including Chrome, and Microsoft Edge is also on the list. By default, you won’t have much control in the overlay window in PiP mode except for the pause button.

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However, you can get all the standard options by enabling Global Media Controls from the Flags section. These controls can be accessed from the toolbar. fashion’Picture in Picture‘ is not yet compatible with every website but most of the popular sites support it.

Playing Videos in Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge

If you haven’t updated your Microsoft Edge browser, you may have to update it to be able to use Picture in Picture Mode. Once you have updated it, follow the steps below to enable PiP mode.

To play videos in ‘Picture in Picture’ mode in Microsoft Edge, you have to enable it first. right click on video and select ‘Picture in Picture‘ from the context menu. As mentioned above, not all websites support this mode. Also, you may not see this context menu on the first right click. If so, right click on the video again and this context menu will appear.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-1 Browser

Once you select the mode ‘Picture in Picture‘, you will see a small overlay window at the bottom right corner to play the video. Now, the original video screen will go black when showing that PiP mode is enabled. You can also change the dimensions of the overlay screen by holding down the corners or edges, then dragging them to either side. Dragging onto the overlay screen will reduce or increase the size.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-2 Browser

This is the maximum size of the overlay screen.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-3 Browser

You can now switch between tabs or even open another window and the overlay screen will remain visible. When you hover over the overlay screen, ‘Pause’ and ‘Back to tab’ icons appear. The back to tab icon essentially disables PiP mode and closes the overlay screen.

Enabling Global Media Controls in Microsoft Edge

Global Media Controls gives you the option to control any media that plays in the browser. You can use it to control YouTube videos while you are working in other tabs. There is also a Flag to enable Global Media Controls when playing videos in ‘Picture in Picture’ mode.

To activate ‘Global Media Controls‘, enter the following in the address bar.


Now, tap on the box next to ‘Flag’Global Media Controls‘.

You will now see three options in the drop down menu, select ‘Enabled‘ from list.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-4 Browser

Similarly, also enable Flag ‘Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture‘ by clicking on the box and then selecting ‘Enabled‘ from the drop-down menu. This flag enables control for PiP mode. Once you enable both alerts, restart the browser to apply the changes.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-5 Browser

After the browser restarts, you will now find ‘Global Media Controls‘ in the toolbar at the top. Click on the icon and you will see four options under the name of the video and the website that is playing it. The first option is ‘Seek backward‘, the second is to pause the video, the third is ‘Seek forward‘ while the latter activates/deactivates the mode’Picture in Picture‘.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-6 Browser

If there are two or more media playing in the browser, they will all be displayed with separate control options for each.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge-7 Browser

Microsoft Edge’s PiP mode is the best way to watch videos while working at the same time. Other than that, ‘Global Media Controls‘ makes it easier to control media playback in your browser.

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That’s the tutorial on how to enable Picture in Picture mode in Microsoft Edge. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for you. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.