How to Enable Discord Streamer Mode

By | December 11, 2021
How to Enable Discord Streamer Mode

How to Enable Discord Streamer Mode | Discord has rapidly grown to global popularity, cleverly combining the best features of TeamSpeak, IRC, and Skype, into one easy-to-use social platform.

Discord started out as a place to communicate with teammates in games that required more complex teamwork, it soon evolved into something much more advanced. Now it offers a number of cool and interesting features, all adapted to make your experience a little more great – the newest one is Discord Streamer Mode.

Anyone can be a content creator today. Discord makes it easy to broadcast your gameplay to fans across the web — but it also means that pop-ups, messages, and personal information can appear on screens. Discord Streamer Mode helps hide it.

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With increasing popularity in streaming and viewing, it’s no surprise to see Discord’s Streamer Mode Feature designed to protect your data during this stream roll out.

What is Discord Streamer Mode?

How to Enable Discord-3 Streamer Mode

Discord Streamer Mode is an optional setting in Discord that gives you detailed options to protect your personal information. You can choose exactly what information you want to show or hide. You can also choose whether to enable Streamer Mode automatically when you start streaming.

Discord Streamer Mode is a powerful privacy tool that helps protect your personal information. It also allows you to get rid of things that might reduce your streaming, such as notifications and system sounds.

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Without Streamer Mode, everyone watching will see the message. As long as you enable Discord Streamer Mode, private messages will not appear while streaming and you can check them after you finish playing the game.

How to Enable Discord Streamer Mode

How to enable Discord Streamer Mode is quite easy, here are the steps you have to do:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. choose User Settings icon at the bottom left (gear icon next to your username).
  3. choose Streamer Mode from the left menu.
  4. Turn on the switch next to Enable Streamer Mode.
How to Enable Discord-1 Streamer Mode

Enabling Streamer Mode is as easy as that. By default, Streamer Mode is set to enable and protect all information automatically, but you can configure this according to your own preferences.

You can also choose to enable or disable Streamer Mode via a simple keybind.

How to Set Keybind To Enable and Disable Streamer Mode

Here’s how to set the keybind to enable and disable Streamer Mode.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. choose User Settings icon (gear next to your username.)
  3. choose Keybinds from the left menu.
  4. choose Add a Keybind.
  5. choose Toggle Streamer Mode from the drop-down menu under Action.
  6. Select a field under Keybind and enter the key or key combination you want to use.
How to Enable Discord-2 Streamer Mode

Once you set the keybind, you can tap on it at any time to enable or disable Streamer Mode.

What Streamer Mode Protects on Discord

Discord Streamer Mode provides you with several options that keep your personal information safe.

  • Hide Personal Information: Block any personal information from appearing on the screen. This includes information such as email, connected accounts, notes, and even anonymizes your username so that people cannot send friend requests to you or your random contacts.
  • Hide Invitation informasi: Blocks information about invitations to other Discord servers. This is one that you really need to enable if you don’t want random viewers to join your server.
  • Disable Sound: Blocks all Discord-related sound effects, such as message dings or special sound effects.
  • Disable Notifications: Blocks all notifications coming from your desktop. If you have another messaging app showing up on the screen, this setting blocks it.

Apart from these options, Discord also gives you the ability to enable Streamer Mode automatically if OBS or XSplit is running on your computer. You have to connect Discord to this service.

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How to Connect OBS And XSplit to Discord

How to Enable Discord-4 Streamer Mode

Discord provides a toolset called StreamKit which allows you to easily connect outside services to Discord. You can access this by going to the Discord StreamKit website.

  1. Go to website Discord StreamKit.
  2. Scroll down to OBS or XSplit and click Connect to Discord.
  3. Another window will open. choose Install for OBS or Install for XSplit.
  4. After that Discord will open. Select Authorization to grant permission for the service to connect.
  5. Finished.

You can automatically enable Discord’s Streamer Mode when you launch OBS or XSplit — just select the settings in Discord as shown earlier.