How to Enable Automatic Dark Mode on Android

By | December 29, 2021

Dark mode was introduced as a native feature in Android 10, where Google allowed users to easily enable and disable the feature from their device’s Settings. However, several phone models have taken this feature to the next level.

Pixels, as well as some Samsung smartphones and devices running Android 11, now allow users to schedule dark mode. That means you can set the mode to turn on automatically at sunset and then turn it off at the first dawn of the morning.

Or owners of devices running Android 10 can also take advantage of this functionality, although enabling schedule mode is a bit more complicated in this case. This article shows you how you can take advantage of this handy option if you have a smartphone with Android version 10 and above.

1. How to Schedule Dark Mode on Pixel Phones

The option to schedule dark mode has been on the Pixel since Android 10.

  • To activate the option, you need to access Settings on your phone then tap Display.
  • Next select Dark theme and tap Schedule.
  • There are two options here. The first, Turns on at custom time which lets you choose the start and end times to be applied to the dark theme. The second option is Turns on from sunset to sunrise, which it works without you needing to choose the right clock.

If you want to activate dark mode ahead of schedule, then there is an easy way to do it. Add dark theme to your phone’s Quick Action tile.

  • Pull down Notifications down and tap pen icon in the left corner.
  • This action will display a list of tiles Quick Action which is expanded.
  • Scroll down until you find the section Hold and Drag to Add Tiles. You should be able to see the tile Dark theme.
  • Drag and free at the top of the screen.
  • Furthermore, tap arrow back at the top left. You should be able to see the Dark theme button in Quick Action.

If you need Dark mode before sunset, turn it on (then turn it off again) to enable or disable it.

2. How to Set Dark Mode Scheduling on Samsung Devices

With Samsung phones, you must have a device running One UI 2 and up to be able to schedule Dark mode.

  • open Settings on your Samsung device, then go to settings Display and select Dark mode.
  • Then tap Dark mode settings and activate the option Turn on as scheduled.
  • Choose one of the two options available to you. The first (Sunset to sunrise) instructs your device to switch to dark mode from sunset to sunrise, while the second (Custom schedule) lets you set up with a custom schedule. It’s similar to what’s on offer on the Pixel.

3. Schedule Dark Mode on Any Device with Android 10

What if you don’t have a Pixel, Samsung or device running Android 11? You can still set up dark mode scheduling, though you’ll need a few things to do so.

  • The number one requirement is to have a device running Android 10.
  • Set up ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on your computer.

You will need to have ADB installed on your PC before starting this tutorial. For instructions on installing ADB, see my article on how to start the Android Debug Bridge which explains the process in detail.

After ADB is ready, it is time to connect your smartphone with PC via USB cable. You must enable USB debugging on your Android. Change USB mode to File transfer. (Note that not all OMEs require this). Now you are ready to proceed.

  • Open the app Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10 on your phone.
  • On your PC, open a window Command Prompt or PowerShell in the following way. To do so, navigate to the directory platform-tools on your computer. Next, hold on Shift while right click in folders. Choose an option Open command window here or Open Powershell window here.
  • Now, run the following command (choose one below, depending on the options that appear).

Windows 10 Command Prompt:

adb shell pm grant com.cannic.apps.automaticdarktheme android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

Windows 10 PowerShell:

.adb shell pm grant com.cannic.apps.automaticdarktheme android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  • After running the above command, return to the application and activate by activating the options described above. Next, set the time you want to apply the dark theme. You can choose options Sunrise and sunset.

So many tutorials this time, hopefully useful for you. Don’t forget to leave your comments below to share your thoughts and experiences in following this tutorial. Thank you and GBU. UNITED AGAINST COVID-19!!