How to Eliminate Lag When Playing HD Games on Android Phones

By | December 20, 2021

How to Eliminate Lag When Playing HD Games on Android Phones – How how to overcome lag on android when playing HD games ?? It’s annoying when we’re playing our favorite HD game, suddenly the android suddenly slows down and the game we’re playing lags so that it comes out by itself, then how? how to fix so that the android phone doesn’t lag ? If something like that happens, those who have experienced it would want to exchange our smartphones with Nintendo.

When running games like PS1, PS2, PSP that are heavy makes Android slow and not everything runs smoothly and worse, Android becomes more and more sluggish, so it makes us think how to fix a slow cellphone when playing games. How to fix a slow android can be overcome with various tips and tricks, one way to overcome game lag on android can be done by using game booster pro android.

How to set ppsspp android so it doesn’t lag we must know first before we discuss how to overcome a slow cellphone when playing games too far. Not all Android phones can accept applications with high resolution such as games that have HD quality, so how do you use the old Android OS but still want HD game applications to run smoothly? The following is a review of tips & tricks that you can use to Overcome a sluggish cellphone when playing large resolution games.

How to Eliminate Lag When Playing HD Games on Android Phones

how to fix a slow cellphone

How to get rid of lag on android using game booster:

  • Download app Best Game Booster on google play then install as usual.
    Then open the app
  • Select and enter the emulator or game you want to play to boost
  • Once entered, double-click the game then wait for the boosting process and the game will run smoothly and not lag.
  • If the game still often lags even though you have used a game booster because maybe the game being played is very heavy on Android, to overcome this, you can add the Seeder application on Android which can be downloaded on the Android application and run the application.
  • Then Activate the button to Enable Seeder Lag Reduction then run the game and feel the sensation.

Other ways to deal with slow Android when playing HD games include:

1. Before making sure the Android phone you have has been ROOT. If your android phone is not rooted and don’t know how to root android follow the tutorial in our previous article about How to Root an Android Phone (Works for All Types of Cellphones)
2. Then we download the Gltools application and the PPSSPP Emilator which we will use to solve it.
3. Install the two applications, if you have chosen a game application that is experiencing LAG.
4. Then open the PPSSPP Emilator Application.
5. Go to the System Settings Menu.
6. Next select Setting CPU Clock with 233.
7. The next step is to select the Control Mapping menu > Speed ​​Toggle On.
8. And finally, select FX 2 BGM6-7 which is found in Sound Settings.

Those are the tips and tricks for smartphone techno to outsmart a slow android so it doesn’t lag when playing games that have high image resolution. Hopefully what we have discussed in our article this time can give positive results. Also read related articles that discuss about How to increase android ram so that the android phone is not slow. That’s all and see you again with a smartphone solution in the next article, thank you.

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