How to Easily Record Vivo HP Screen (Detailed & Complete)

By | April 20, 2022

How to Record Vivo HP Screen – Recording the screen from mobile devices has actually been done by people since the era of the Blackberry cell phone. The difference is, in the past, screen recordings were still in simple form.

Meanwhile, at this time the results of screen recordings have become more sophisticated. Now it’s not just images that can be screened. It can even record in the form of video, complete with pictures and sound.

Therefore, now this screen recording feature has been used by many people.

What for?

That is used to create video content. Usually most people use it to make video tutorials about games or gadgets (ios and android).

Later the video results will be uploaded to their various social media platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’m sure you’ve come across video content generated from screen recordings. Like on the Youtube Channel and several other platforms.

Well, do any of you have a Vivo HP?

If so, then there is good news for you.

What’s the reason?

Because Vivo is one of the gadgets that provides a screenshot feature by default (default).

It seems that Vivo realizes that its products are starting to be loved by the people of Indonesia. So that it continues to adapt to keep up with technological developments.

One of his efforts is to provide a screen recording feature in the gadget. Now, because this feature is already present on Vivo HP, then you no longer need to install third-party applications on the Play Store.

But usually there are other obstacles for this Vivo HP owner, namely they don’t know how to use it. This is usually experienced by those of you who have just bought and used the cellphone.

But take it easy, because this article will specifically review how to record the Vivo HP screen. Later I will describe in detail about 2 ways to record the HP screen. Namely recording the screen using the built-in features, and also how to record the screen through third-party applications.

How to Easily Record Vivo HP Screen (Detailed & Complete)
Illustration. Photo by : VK Progress (Youtube).

HP Vivo is mostly used by teenagers, especially those who like to play online games. Now if you have a Youtube channel, then you can take advantage of the screen recording feature from HP Vivo to create video content. So that your hobby of playing online games is not only enjoyed by yourself, but also can be watched by others.

Even the video content can also be a money field if you upload it to Youtube. The condition is that you have to be focused, serious and consistently upload the video from the screen recording. So that your YouTube channel becomes crowded with viewers. So that’s where the money will come from.

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Then how to record the screen?

That is by activating the screen recorder feature while you are playing the game.

Check out the full explanation below.

How to record the Vivo HP screen is actually very easy. First, please open your cellphone. Then swipe up on the screen. Later on your phone a menu will appear Super Screenshot. Now you can select the menu to record the screen.

After you select the menu, the recording is automatically in progress. If you are satisfied with the recording, then you can press the red button (or the button). Stop already provided).

To see the results, you can go directly to the gallery section on your Vivo HP. Look for the “screen recorder” folder and find the video you created earlier.


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How to Record Vivo HP Screen With the Help of Applications

The second way to record the Vivo HP screen is with the help of an application.

If you feel the first way is lacking worth it, then you can also record the screen with another method. The trick is to use an application from a third party.

There are actually a lot of screen recording apps that you can find on the Play Store. However, in this article, we will focus on discussing one of the most popular screen recording applications, namely DU Recorder. You can download this application at Play Store.

How to Easily Record Vivo HP Screen (Detailed & Complete)

If it is installed perfectly, then just open the application. Later you will find the button Play in the DU Recorder application.

Please press the Play button, then the application will immediately process the screen recording. You can stop the recording when you are satisfied with the result. The way to stop it is by pressing the Play button again, then the screen recording stops immediately.


It’s so easy isn’t it?

Yup! That’s how simple it is to record the Vivo HP screen using a third-party application.

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In general, all screen recorder applications have a way of working that is not much different. If you have finished recording the screen, then you can press the play button. Later the Play button will automatically change to a “Stop” button.

So that the results of your screen recording can be more perfect, then it’s a good idea to set the application first. How to use the menu Arrangement. There you can manage several important sections, one of which is the Resolution.

After recording, you can find the results in Gallery Your Vivo cellphone. And usually your video will be saved in a folder with the name of the screen recorder application that you are using. For example, if you use the DU Recorder application, then that folder is also called “DU Recorder”.

Those are two ways to record the Vivo HP screen that are quite easy to do. You are free to use whichever method you prefer. Do you want to use third-party applications from the Play Store, or use the default features from HP Vivo. It’s all up to you.

Hopefully useful and see you again in the next interesting article.

Author by : Bang izal.