How to Download TikTok Videos Without a Logo, Check it out!

By | May 9, 2022

How To Download TikTok Videos Without Logo – If we talk about TikTok, then this application has become one of the most popular applications in Indonesia. In fact, its users have expanded to various groups and ages.

Starting from the upper, middle to lower classes. Consisting of children, teenagers, to adults, all are equally crazy about TikTok. Because so many people like it, the video content on TikTok has great potential to go viral.

Especially after there is a new phenomenon among TikTok users.

What’s that?

That is, now many TikTok users are uploading their videos to various social media (especially Instagram). Of course, this makes TikTok videos easier for people to watch. And when there is a TikTok video that is being discussed, soon there will be many people who will imitate it (with similar content).

Things like the above are not something strange anymore, because it is common in Indonesia. Everything that is booming and hits will surely be quickly imitated by +62 residents. This TikTok application is no exception.

What’s right? ️

This application, which was banned, has been used by more than 800 million users. The users are spread from various parts of the world, and one of the biggest users is from Indonesia.

Thus above is a brief review of the application originating from China.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without a Logo, Check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Apien Channel (Youtube).

One of the distinctive features of this application is the use of logos (also known as watermarks or “watermarks”).

The TikTok logo is usually on the top right, or bottom left.

The existence of this logo is sometimes a bit annoying for some users. Especially for those who want to upload videos from TikTok to the various digital platforms used.

Now if you feel that the logo on TikTok content is quite annoying, then you can do several ways to download TikTok videos without the following logo.


Using the Sstiktok Site

The first way to download tiktok videos without a logo is to use the ssstiktok site. How to download TikTok videos without this one logo is very easy, you know. Let’s see the following explanation.

First, please open the TikTok application that has been downloaded on your cellphone. Then, please login to your personal account. If you are logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the homepage. And there, you can find the video that you want to download.

If you have found the video to be downloaded, you can directly select the menu with the three-dot icon (the location is on the right). Then select menu Share or Share, then click Copy informasi.

After all the steps above you have done, then open the browser you usually use (Google Chrome, Uc Browser, Mozilla, etc.). Then please open the site browser search.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without a Logo, Check it out!

After the site is open, then directly paste the informasi that you copied earlier, then select download. Wait for a moment. Later you will be given a download option that says ‘Without Watermark’. Then select / press the text.

When the process is complete, you can immediately open the gallery on your cellphone, and please see the results.

Using the Site

Apart from using the site, you can also use other sites to download TikTok videos without a logo. The site is called

This Snaptik site is no less easy to use than the previous site above. In fact, almost the same way. Here below is the explanation.

First, please open the Tiktok application first. Then find the video that you want to download. Then click the arrow-shaped share icon (located at the bottom right).

When you click the share icon earlier, several options will appear. Please choose Copy informasi or Copy informasi.

If all the steps above have been done, please exit the TikTok application, then open your browser from your cellphone. You can go directly to the site (which will make your downloaded TikTok video without a logo).

Type then just paste the informasi that you copied earlier (into the column provided by the Snaptik site).

How to Download TikTok Videos Without a Logo, Check it out!

Then click the green button (right next to it), then the video you want is downloading.

Please wait for the process to finish.

Using Cache Folder

The last way to download TikTok videos without a logo is to use the cache folder.

You can do this method, especially if you don’t like using the TikTok video download method without a logo like the one above. The last method is also easy. Here below is the explanation.

If you’ve ever read what is meant by cache (cached memory), then more or less of course you already know about how it works. So all the activities you do while using the cellphone, then everything will definitely be recorded in the cache section.

Usually every application, browser, etc. must have its own cache, as well as the TikTok application. Of course the cache that has been programmed by the TikTok system will not be created in vain.

Surely the cache has a purpose and use. Now one of the benefits is that you can use the cache to download videos from TikTok without a logo. Curious how? Let’s continue to read this article to the end.

It’s very easy, here’s the explanation.

The first step is to open your favorite TikTok application. Then please watch the video you want to download. Don’t forget to watch it to the end, because if you don’t, the video file will be damaged and cannot be played.

When you have finished watching the video completely, then open the file manager on your phone. Later, please find the internal storage menu, then select the android file. You can choose in the file

Finally, just select the video cache (the video file that you watched earlier). It’s done.

If you follow the step by step above correctly and correctly, then you will be able to see the download results in the gallery section. And then you can also upload the TikTok video to social media.

Notes: if you want to upload the downloaded TikTok video to social media, the author recommends that you keep using the logo. The goal is to anticipate things that are not desirable.

After all, the video that you have downloaded from TikTok is of course copyrighted.

But if you still insist on uploading without a logo, then you can too, but there is a trick of its own.

How to?

That is, don’t forget to include the source of the video in the description section or in the caption. This step is to show your appreciation for the work of others. So you will be able to avoid copyright claims.

Those are some ways to download TikTok videos without a logo that you can try. All of the above methods are quite easy. You can try one of the methods above which you think is the easiest.

Hopefully useful and see you again in the next interesting article.