How To Download Tiktok Videos That Can’t Be Downloaded

By | April 26, 2022

How to Download Unable to Download Tiktok Videos – Tiktok is one type of application that contains various short videos. The videos are uploaded by the users of the application. Now Tiktok users do not only come from among young people, but are also popular with adults.

Several years ago, the Tiktok application was banned and could not be used in Indonesia. But soon the banned status was opened, and it can be used again.

After being banned and then getting permission (access) again in Indonesia, Tiktok’s popularity has also increased after that. The reason is because many of these Tiktok videos are shared on social media. This is what makes the application even more popular.

So, now you don’t feel surprised if you find many posts labeled Tiktok on social media. So when you see the high number of enthusiasts and users of this application, it might make you curious. Then the desire arises to surf directly in the application.

When you open the Tiktok application, you will definitely see a variety of very interesting videos. So that it can make you feel interested and want to download it. Later the video will be stored in your smartphone memory. You can reuse the video at any time. Good for personal collections, or you can also share on Whatsapp status and groups.

Unfortunately, when downloading, sometimes you will find a situation, namely there are a number of videos on Tiktok that you can’t download.

How To Download Tiktok Videos That Can't Be Downloaded
Illustration. Photo by : King FF (Youtube).

So in order to be able to download the video, of course you have to find information about how to download the Tiktok video that can’t be downloaded. That’s why I wrote this article on purpose. Hope it can help you all a little.

Let’s see how to finish.


Actually, how to download videos on Tiktok is very easy. Because you only need to press the screen for a long time or just press the arrow. A menu will appear that you can choose from. One of the contents of the menu is a feature to download the video.

So, before looking for info on how to download Tiktok videos that can’t be downloaded, you should first understand one thing. So in the Tiktok application there are two types of videos. The first type is a video that you can download. While the second type cannot be downloaded.

Well, this article will focus on discussing the video that cannot be downloaded.

The only way to find out if a video on Tiktok can be downloaded is to long press the screen. If you find the save video option, that means you can download the video.

Now for videos that can’t be downloaded, then you will only find one option when you press the screen for a long time. So there is absolutely no option that you can use to download the Tiktok video.

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Then how to download the tiktok video that can’t be downloaded?

Don’t worry, there is a solution. ️

The trick is to use an application or software called IDM Downloader.

This cool application can be a solution for those of you who want to download various types of videos from anywhere, one of which is from the Tiktok application. You can download this application at Play Store.

How To Download Tiktok Videos That Can't Be Downloaded

So how to download Tiktok videos that can’t be downloaded is actually very easy. Check out the following description.

First, you first open the application Tiktok which is on your phone. Then, you will be invited directly to the veranda. Later you will find lots of videos uploaded by TikTok users.

Then please look to the right of the screen. You will see several icons, such as love, comment, share, and so on. Well, you can click the icon Share.

After you click the Share icon, the screen on your phone will automatically display various accounts. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, and so on. You can click one or more. You can use this Share button to share videos with other people.

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Because the focus of the topic this time is how to download Tiktok videos that can’t be downloaded, then among the available menu options, you have to choose an icon shaped like a pin or a button. The icon is a feature for copying links.

Please click on the icon, then exit the TikTok application. If you have, then please open it Google Play Store.

In this Google Play Store you have to install supporting applications from third parties. The goal is that you can download the TikTok video. Please type IDM. Later will appear many variants of application options. Now you can choose the IDM application which is located at the very top.

If the download process is complete, and the IDM application is perfectly installed on your cellphone, then now you can start downloading TikTok videos that couldn’t be downloaded earlier.

Please reopen your Tiktok application. Then click the icon Share, and select Copy informasi. Please copy or copy the video informasi. Then leave the Tiktok application, and open the IDM application again.

When you just open the IDM application, usually a dialog box will appear and you can just ignore it. After that you will be taken to the main page of the application.

Later on the main page you will find several features to download videos. Please press the internet-shaped icon at the top right. Just click on the icon, then you will be taken to the browser page. You will also see the form of the video that you want to download earlier. However, the video cannot be downloaded.

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So what is the process and how to download it?

The trick is to paste (paste) the code that you copied earlier into the search field on Google. If you have pasted it, the download icon will automatically appear at the top right of the search. Please press the download icon. Now finally the video from Tiktok is successful for you to download

That’s how to download Tiktok videos that can’t be downloaded. Hopefully it can be a solution for those of you who have been messing around with downloading Tiktok videos that can’t be downloaded.

See you again in the next interesting article.

Author by : Bang izal.