How to Download Songs on Youtube Into Mp3 Via Android

By | August 24, 2022
How to Download Songs Via Youtube Into Mp3 Via Android – Youtube has become a very popular video site. Youtube is a website for sharing videos or for watching videos. You can watch various kinds of videos on YouTube, ranging from tutorial videos, movies, to funny videos. And whatever video you are looking for, you can find it through this youtube site.

Of the many videos circulating on YouTube, of course it will cause many people who want to download videos or save their favorite videos. Whether it’s to be used as a collection or to be shared with others. And sometimes if you download a video on YouTube and it’s in the form of a song or music, there must be times when all you need is an mp3 format or you could say just the audio.

For example, you want to download a song or music from a video, but what you want is to convert the song or music from the video into mp3 format. Of course this method will make some people wonder about how how to download videos on youtube to mp3 format. So indeed, to be able to download videos on youtube to mp3, then first is to change the format to mp3 or by converting videos on youtube to mp3.

And by downloading the mp3 file, of course this method will slightly reduce your quota usage or it can be said that it will save your internet quota more, compared to you having to download it in video format. Maybe for those of you who have never tried it, you can take a good look at the steps below.

Here’s how to download mp3 songs via YouTube on Android:

  • The first step please you guys open a song or music video which you want to download into mp3 via the YouTube application. For example below I want to download mp3 of the song Nella Kharisma.
  • Next you guys copy or copy the informasi those videos. If you have trouble copying the YouTube video informasi on Android, please read the following article about How to get video links on youtube via android.
How to Download Songs on Youtube Into Mp3 Via Android
  • If so, the next step is to enter the site or website, then paste or paste the informasi which you have copied. For more details, you can see in the image below.
how to download songs from youtube to mp3
  • The next step is to select the format that you want to download. If to download mp3 means select the mp3 format. As seen in the screenshot below.
how to download mp3 from youtube via android
  • If you have, then you press or click on download mp3. As in the image below.
how to download songs from youtube via android phone
  • After successfully downloading, your mp3 files will automatically be stored in your storage memory. Please enjoy the music just by listening to it while drinking tea.

Well, that’s how to download mp3 songs via youtube via android. Hopefully the article in this post can be useful. And if you find it useful for you, then it would be nice if you shared this article with your other friends so that they too can find out. Thank you for visiting and good luck.