How to Disable Error Reporting in Windows 10

By | December 6, 2021

If you are tired of various system crashes and error reports that you find useless then it’s time to disable the Windows error reporting service to stay focused on the job by editing some of the simple registry settings that we have covered in this article.

In Windows when multitasking sometimes an error occurs in the form of an error dialog box actually this is called a system interrupt, an interrupt that the kernel sends at its OS layer.

This is simply due to failure of any of the tasks in windows working like it could be a memory access failure or a file access error. But generally these annoyances are very annoying as if their priority is over the running programs then you have to deal with before accessing the running programs.

And sometimes due to excessive number of trojan viruses system errors can increase and you will get a lot of annoyance. So here we come with a great solution which will help you to disable this run dialog box. And I know that most of you probably haven’t tried this until now. So check out the full guide discussed below to proceed.

This method is quite simple and straight forward and you just need to edit some registry settings which will disable the Windows Popup error on windows screen. And for that you need to follow the simple steps below to proceed.

Steps To Disable Error Reporting In Windows 10:

  • First of all in your windows 10 PC Press “Win + R” keyboard keys. And this will open Run explorer. There enter Regedit and a registry edit window will open.

  • Now you need to navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsWindows Error Reporting folder. This is a registry setting that displays all the interrupts that occur on the screen to display them to the user.
  • There you need to find a value named “Disabled” or add a new DWORD value with this name if it doesn’t exist.

  • The default value of this key is 0 just double click it to edit and then change the value to 1 and then click save.
  • It is with this that the interrupt dialog box will be disabled and whenever an error is found in the system then Windows will either search online to try to find a solution or you get a dialog stating that the application has crashed, giving you the option to Debug each one.

So the above discussion is all about Disabling Error Reporting In Windows 10, With this you can easily disable error interrupts in your windows which can totally distract you from your work.

So give it a try today, Hope you like this guide

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