How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

By | January 2, 2022

Even as the options for iPhone storage continue to grow, you may still run out of space. This is often because we take too many photos, or because we are not great at iPhone storage management.

There are many methods to create free space on your iOS device. One of the easiest tips to follow is to find duplicate photos on your iPhone to delete. And the best way to remove duplicate photos is to use a free app from the App Store to automate the process.

Here are the best free – or almost free – tools for deleting duplicate photos on your iPhone.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is a great little app devoted to removing duplicate photos. We can’t recommend it enough, because it’s so easy to use.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone, Remo takes you through its basic setup process:

  • Remo will ask if the app can send you notifications. Also, it will ask for access to your photos.
    • Notification allowance is not required to run Remo.
    • However, photo access is required. Make sure you enable this the first time you set up the app. Without it, Remo cannot scan your images for duplicates.

Once you give Remo access to your photos, it starts scanning. The length of this process varies depending on how many photos you have. The iPhone model you have can also change the scan time.

Once the scan is complete, Remo will divide your photos into two different categories: Exact and Similar.

  • Exact is exactly what it is: identical copies of duplicate photos stored on your iPhone.
  • Similar is a compilation of photos that look very close to each other, but are not perfect duplicates. A good example of this is a series of pictures you take for a photo shoot.

To delete duplicate photos on your iPhone, you can go to one of these categories, then choose to delete in bulk or delete photos manually. Once your duplicate photos are selected for deletion, simply click on the icon rubbish bin in the lower right corner. Your duplicates will disappear.

Overall, Remo is a great app that makes cleaning up duplicate photos easy and fast.

Google Photos

You may not think of Google Photos as the go-to app for finding and removing duplicate images. However, as a backup for Remo, it works fine.

We’ve talked elsewhere about the brilliant search tool hidden within Google Photos. One of the most amazing functions this app has is that it uses Google’s algorithm to determine what type of content is in each of your images. Google Photos will then group your images based on that content.

To remove duplicates in Google Photos:

  • Tap the search bar in the Google Photos app.
  • Type a common word to find a specific type of object. Google automatically fills in common words, so in this case we’re just selecting “tree” instead of “tree.”
  • Once you select “tree,” Google Photos will pull up all of your images that have a tree in them.
  • As you scroll through these images, you’ll find images that look similar, along with exact duplicates. You can choose to delete these duplicates from there.

The best part is that the Google Photos account is free to use, as is Remo. You can pay for more storage in your Google account if you need to. Overall, Google Photos is an effective app for casual users who want to tidy up some duplicates.


Lastly, you should know about Flic: an image app that can help remove duplicate photos on your iPhone.

The whole idea behind Flic is to help you sort through your images for the latest month. As you swipe through photos, you can decide which ones to save. Basically, by breaking up your camera roll into bite-size chunks, Flic makes it easy to find duplicate photos from the same timeframe.

Every time you remove an image, your soon-to-be-deleted image will move to your recycle bin. Once you’ve seen all the pictures from that month, click the trash can icon in the top-left corner. When you do, Flic will permanently delete the photo from your phone.

While Flic is a very straightforward application, its main drawback is that the free version lacks many features. It can only handle 100 photos per day, and restricts you from scrolling through your photos in chronological order. You can’t randomly browse through previous months, as you can with the other apps on this list.

For this reason, Flic is not our top choice for deleting duplicate iPhone photos. We only recommend if you don’t take a lot of pictures. If you are a power user, this app will not give you the various tools you need.

Download: Flic (Free, premium version available)

Last Words About Deleting Duplicate Photos

While all of these apps are great for removing duplicate photos, there’s one important thing to keep in mind. You should never completely rely on an app to properly delete your duplicates without manually scanning those photos first.

The reason for this? With all apps, there will be some minor glitches in the auto scan even with powerhouses like Google Photos. Similar-looking photos may be mistaken for duplicates, but a quick manual scan will reveal that they are not.

Always make sure to double-check your photos before you delete them. You don’t want to accidentally delete valuable photos.

Clear More Space on Your iPhone

With this free or near-free app, you can cut the time spent browsing photos in half. If all else fails, you can always delete images manually by going to the Photos app and selecting the images you want to get rid of.