How to Create Headers and Footers in Excel

By | December 1, 2021

Microsoft Excel is a program or application that has a function as processing numbers or data. Apart from being an administrative support application or number processing, Excel can also be used to create graphs, statistics and so on.

Like Microsoft Word, in the Excel application you can also add a Header and Footer for each printed page, without reducing the features of Excel itself.

Check out how below!

1. Select Options “Header & Footer” in the menu bar Insert Excel

2. (Creating a Header) For example, I wrote the word “Test 123456789” in the “Header” in the Excel worksheet sheet

3. (Creating Footer) For example, I wrote the word “Test Footer” on “Footer” in the Excel worksheet

Like Microsoft Word, after you finish providing information on the Header and Footer sections on the first page, automatically on the next page the Header and Footer posts will reappear.