How to Create a Facebook Business Page

By | March 9, 2022

Facebook generates 70 percent of the total social network traffic. That’s why it’s so important for small businesses to use Facebook. However, if you don’t use Facebook yet, you may be wondering how to create a Facebook Business page.

Setting up a Facebook Business page is actually quite easy. Posting regular updates, engaging with potential customers, and growing your page organically is a bit more difficult.

However, you have to start somewhere unless you want to lose all that wonderful social media traffic. So, here’s how to create a Facebook Business page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

To create a Facebook Business page, you must register for Facebook. This will be the primary account associated with your page.

If you already have a personal account then you can use this, or you can set up a new account and associate it with a business email.

With your account registered, go to and click the Create Page button. You will be asked to choose between a Business or brand and a Community or a public figure. If you are a politician, musician or comedian then you will want to use the latter option.

Click Get Started to create your Facebook Business page. The first thing you should do is give your page a name, and choose a category for it. Click on the Category field and start typing to see suggestions for an existing category.

Which category you choose will decide what you do next. For example if you categorize your page as Restaurant, you will be invited to fill in your street address and phone number. You can opt out of displaying your address if you wish. Choose the category that best describes your business, fill in the additional information, then click Continue.

Next you will be invited to add a profile picture. You can check our Facebook image sizing guide for exact dimensions, then click Upload Profile Picture. This is a good opportunity to use your brand logo. If you want to do this later click Skip. Finally you will be asked to add a cover photo, which can serve to tell customers more about what your business is selling.

With the last click of your mouse, your page is complete and published.

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

From here you can continue to add details to your Facebook Page. You can access your page at any time from your regular Facebook account by clicking the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen.

If your page isn’t finished, you may want to unpublish it until it’s in better shape. You can do this by visiting your page, clicking Settings in the upper right corner, and then clicking Page Visibility. If you decide not to publish, don’t forget to come back here and make your page visible again when you’re done.

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One of the first things you’ll want to do is your Username, below your profile photo. It must be unique, and is used to create a URL that points to your Facebook page. Choose something catchy, easy to remember, and easy to type.

Next you will want to add a short description. Think of this as a way to tell anyone who finds your page why they are here. Click Add a Short Description, then describe your business in less than 255 characters. When you’re done, you’ll be invited to click the Edit Page Info button to add more information.

Add relevant contact information including phone number, website, email, physical address, and location on the map. You can also list your opening hours if applicable, whether your venue has parking, and the price range for items for sale. You can uncheck these items to remove the list of those items from your page if you wish.

How to Add a Button to a Facebook Page

Some pages use buttons to drive traffic to useful services, such as website URLs for media companies or ecommerce stores for online retailers. These buttons are brightly colored and appear in prominent positions on Facebook and mobile desktop versions.

To add a button, click the + Add Button referensi below your cover photo. Not all types of buttons are suitable for all businesses. You can choose from:

  • Book with you for businesses that require appointments.
  • Call you with options to select buttons such as “Call Now” and “Sign Up.”
  • Learn more about your business to “Watch Video” or simply “Learn More” (perfect for driving traffic to your website).
  • Shop with you including a “View Offer” button to entice users.
  • Download your app or play your game to access the “Use App” or “Play Game” button.

As you browse the options, you will see a preview at the top of the page changing. Click Next and then Finish to create your button. You can only have one active button at a time, but you can remove your button at any time and add another one if you want.

Creating Your First Facebook Business Post

Use the Create Post box to add updates to your page as you would a regular news feed. You can make regular posts, broadcast to the world using Facebook Live, add new events, or create special offers for items you have for sale.

You can make regular updates, or click the ellipsis button next to post options to reveal more post types. Some useful options include starting a Poll, using Get message updates to ask customers to reach out to you, or using Product Tags to draw attention to an item for sale.

Below the update composer are the options to publish your update immediately, schedule it for later, or re-date it. You can also save your post as a draft to come back to later. Click the Share Now drop-down box to access these options.

Secure Your Facebook Business Page

Your business page is associated with the Facebook account you used to create it. Losing access to these accounts could lead to disaster not only for your social life but also for your business. Too much risk

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