How to Completely Register for KlikBCA Individual, Alternative Internet Banking Apart from M-Banking BCA

By | December 16, 2021

Klik BCA is an Internet Banking that can check balances, check account names, mutations or transaction history of your BCA bank accounts and so on.

Klik BCA is also an alternative to Mobile Banking, so for those of you who have a BCA bank account but don’t have an M-Banking BCA account, you can register on the Klik BCA website.

In fact, in my opinion, for those of you who already have an M-Banking account, it’s also mandatory to register your bank account here.

With Klik BCA, at least of course it will make it easier for you to do banking activities, even if you do not have an M-Banking account.

It should be noted to be careful in entering your bank data while on the internet, because it could be that irresponsible parties will use your bank account data.

1. First, go to the nearest BCA ATM then use the ATM machine that is there

2. Enter the BCA ATM card and enter the PIN as usual

3. Register a mobile number by selecting “REGISTER E-BANKING”

4. Then select “INTERNET BANKING”

5. Get your Internet Banking User ID from the receipt and go to the website “”

6. On the KlikBCA website, login and fill in the required data, such as your User ID and PIN of your BCA ATM card

Fill in the column User ID according to the one on the BCA receipt. Then, also fill in the column PIN according to your BCA ATM card PIN.

7. Done! Now you have registered on the BCA Internet Banking website and can carry out activities like M-Banking BCA

Now, you can access the Klik BCA service.

To log in for the first time, you are asked for data in the form of an email which will be used to notify you about your Klik BCA account.

How, very easy isn’t it?